Two Get Internships and More from “Graduated, Now What?” Seminar 2018


The “Graduated, Now What?” seminar, held at The American Corner, State Library on the 26th October, saw many graduates leaving with not only invaluable information but great opportunities under their hats.

The Seminar is an annual event that was founded in 2016 by Leisa Leisanyane who, at the time, had recently graduated from the National University of Lesotho. It focuses on encouraging, motivating, guiding and aiding graduates in answering the “Graduated, Now What?” question.

This is achieved by bringing a panel of professionals in different areas of work to come share about their journey and/or provide insight on how best this can be done. The panelists for this year’s seminar were Attorney Tiisetso Sello Mafatle from Sello Mafatle Attorneys, Teboho “Spetzo” Nchaba of Spetzo’s Pizza, Ts’olo “Tjeka-Tjeka” Thakeli who is a graduate and the author of #HelpMeFindWork, The Chronicles of the Unemployed Youth as well as Rethabile Ramakhula who is a HR Practitioner.

Thapelo “Donny” Ntsiki of Donny’s Fresh and Dried Fruits facilitated the seminar. Attorney Tiisetso Sello Mafatle and Teboho “Spetzo” Nchaba delved into the issue of entrepreneurship and urged graduates to start right where they are, with what they have. Tjeka-Tjeka Thakeli and Rethabile Ramakhula discussed the issue of employment and urged graduates to focus on knowing self as it is one of the prerequisites for a successful career.

Relebohile Sera from shared about the resources available on the site for those seeking employment. Sechaba Keketsi of Entrepreneurs Lesotho talked about the importance of establishing a good online presence as a means to secure employment. Thato “Trer” Rammoko of Technify Lesotho talked about the future of technology and why it is importance to collaborate today.

At the very end of the Seminar, Attorney Tiisetso offered 2 internships at Mr Price to some of the attendees while Rethabile Ramakhula offered her services to 6 of the other attendees.

It is worth noting that last year 10 graduates received internship opportunities at Mr Price group and 1 opportunity opening at Matekane Group of Companies. There is no telling how to what extend this Initiative can impact lives of graduates, and we even as plans are made by GNW team to exapand further, more graduates in the rest of Lesotho can benefit from this move.

From GNW Team and partners, a sincere thanks – it was truly a team effort. As the next seminar rolls, it will be built upon the feedback of this seminar, and continually optimized and the gaps analyzed.