“Graduated Now What?” Initiative, Equipping Graduates for Life after College


“Graduated Now What?” initiative was first founded in 2016 by Leisa Leisanyane who at the time had recently graduated from the National University of Lesotho.

It started off as a blog article wherein he wrote about what he referred to in the article as the most fundamental question every graduate should find an answer to. The “GRADUATED, NOW WHAT?” question.

This is the question he refers to in the article as essential to be answered by every graduate since it fundamentally assists in determining their direction moving forward.

In the discussion, he unveils that many graduates, including himself have had a difficult time finding an answer to this question, as the overwhelming life post graduation in Lesotho begins.

With the unemployment rate so high in Lesotho, it becomes rather difficult for a graduate to successfully answer this question by themselves, and in the article Leisa sought different comments & advise from various former graduates on when and how to best approach this inquiry.

Following the publishing of this article, its online reception was incredibly high, as most graduates did not only think the article was worth reading but also that they could relate to the post-graduation dilemma expressed therein.

In October 2017, as a step forward to perpetuating the discussions around what then a graduate ought to do and how, after graduation, the first Graduated, Now what seminar was held.

As in the article, there was panel of professionals in different areas of work who had joined the discussion to encourage, motivate, guide and aid graduates who had attended the seminar is answering the “fundamental question”

A total of 75 graduates and graduating youth from different tertiary institutions in Lesotho had attended the seminar, and there and then it was decided, the seminars will be an annual event, as it is necessary to assist in equipping graduates.

And it’s happening again this year

The “Graduated Now What?” initiative will this year host it’s annual seminar on the 26th October 2018 at American Corner at the State Library.

Here’s what’s in it for you

If you’re a recent graduate, you will be provided with necessary post-graduation educational tools to assist in building your life after graduation. You will also participate in creating a knowledge and information sharing platform for other graduates.

Most importantly, you will network with HR professionals, entrepreneurs, graduates, and other like-minded individuals as a way to encourage collaboration, knowledge and skills sharing.

Here are interesting views from those who’ve been there

Firstly i would say the graduate a graduate should do three things. 1. Do your home work 2. Do the maths 3. Make moves. Let me elaborate. 1. Do your home work, first look at your degree, look at the career path your degree has put you on, then look at the market , how many more graduates before me with me and those coming after hold or will hold the same degree?Will we all get jobs in that career path. What are my options, should i get a job, further my education or start a business? and then consider which option is most suitable for my degree. 2. Do the maths , what are your goals, what are the costs (Time, money, effort) related to each option (Job,business,more school). Then look at your budget (How much you are willing to spent, Time, Money, Effort. 3. After all that intuitive analyses. Make moves towards your goal. Use what you have and MOVE. Never find your self stagnant, MOVE . Write that song. Write that article. Develop that site. Read that book. Cut that grass. Wash that car. With your degree do even most mundane work and use your degree as a competitive advantage. I remember selling oranges next to pick and pay and i sold one orange for R20 and i bought a bag of oranges for R23. I broke even with one item. I would say in conclusion make the right moves for yourself but stay away from corruption do your things right.Thato Trer Rammoko

I really liked it when you mentioned that we can’t all be entrepreneurs and we can’t all be employed, I always get so offended when people tell me I should be an entrepreneur because the job hunting struggle is real out here and I always go like, ”that sounds awesome, but we can’t all be what works for everybody” I can’t wait on being hired one day, but I will do what I gatta do, like Thato said, write that song, write that article, read that book, yes thank you, I will do just that and I know life has so much to offer, I just need to keep pushing and do what I do best!Annah Molibeli


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