Kasi Corner Talks: Episode 6, The Dark Side of Entrepreneurship with Donny Ntsiki



In today’s age dreams are a dime a dozen. Social media has made it so easy to buy into any dream that you are sold. However, dreams are different from reality.

Today on KEMNET we talk to one of the people who are seeking to turn their dreams to reality. Far from just talking the talk, Donny Ntsiki knows what it means to walk the walk. He shares his story with us, what it takes to get to where he is, the pain, the struggle, everything.

We unpack everything it takes to catch up to your dream, as the premier podcast (cough) we take you through this dream chasers trials and tribulations. Far from what you see in the public arenas, an entrepreneurs life is far from easy, one has to deal with an array of mishaps, late supplies, arrogant customers, a volatile market.

Therefore today’s show is purely therapeutic, what to do when worst comes to worst and you feel like quitting, how do you handle pressure? This in itself is a vital skill, coping mechanisms.

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