Candidate Email Targeting

Targeted delivery for maximum return – find candidates now with email recruiting

Email is the fastest, most effective and affordable way to reach a large audience. That’s why employers rely on this method to find candidates and announce career opportunities.

The benefits of email campaigns to find candidates:

  • Select your target audience with specific criteria: skill, location, job title and more.
  • Email job openings directly to suitable applicants.
  • Reach a broader audience by contacting potential candidates.
  • The most economical and effective communication method to maximize ROI.

Selibeng offers customization email campaigns that allow employers to proactively find candidates who match specific job requirements and start a dialogue with them.

Find candidates through email recruiting with Selibeng:

  • Target your audience by experience, skills or other key requirements.
  • Own the creative contents of the email.
  • The targeted email campaign can also be included with a visibility products package to enhance company identity and attract better candidates.


By utilizing the email inbox of job seekers and targeting delivery to a specific audience, recruiters can quickly generate high response volumes and accelerate the candidate search process.