NMDS General Terms for Awards of Sponsorships

1. Contracting:

  • NMDS does not provide sponsorship for bridging and extended programs or programmes outside those specified as sponsored.
  • Sponsorship Contract with NMDS is entered into per a specified program of study and clearly specified official duration from the offering institution.
  • In a case whereby a student gets sponsorship while already pursuing a program, NMDS shall award sponsorship to him/her only to complete the remaining years of the official duration of that program.
  • For a student to proceed to the next-level of qualification (e.g. postgraduate) with NMDS sponsorship, such student must apply for a new sponsorship when such sponsorships are announced for applications. Students will be awarded sponsorships if they meet all the requirements.
  • Progression to another/next-level qualification of study with NMDS sponsorship by providing false information or tricking the NMDS and without application and award of sponsorship, is a fraud that will result to legal measures to the involved student/s.

2. Registration:

  • Students are requested to register for their sponsored studies within the earliest of the given registration period by the institutions. They must submit proof of registration to NMDS via email to [email protected]. Failure to do so will hinder disbursement of applicable allowances and fees for them.
  • Students will be given food and accommodation allowances that cover two months during the first month of their studies while subsequent allowances will only be disbursed to them upon submission of proof of registration.

3. Change of Institution and program:

  • Students cannot change their sponsored program or institution of study without prior NMDS Director’s authorisation. Unauthorised change of a sponsored program or institution of study will result to loss of sponsorship.

4. Official Withdrawals:

  • Students who wish to withdraw from their sponsored programs of study must write a letter of request to withdraw from their studies to NMDS Director and attach officially stamped and signed confirmation of withdrawal from the institution within a week, indicating the reasons for withdrawal.
  • Students that have made official withdrawals before completion of exams and that will have not passed to the successive academic year of their studies must note that any fees and/or allowances NMDS incurred to them during the year of withdrawal are due to NMDS at 100% upon student’s request to be reinstated to resume studies.

5. Contract Renewals and Reinstatements:

  • Sponsored Students’ contracts are renewable annually before the beginning of each successive academic year of study. It is only upon the student passing their previous academic year of study with official academic results that proof progression to the successive academic year.
  • In the case of institutions that do not specify the state of academic progression on students’ official results, NMDS shall effect renewal only for those sponsored students that have completed and passed all their core courses for their previous academic year of study but may have failed a maximum of two non-core courses/modules.
  • NMDS does not pay for courses/modules to be repeated or supplementary examinations.
  • NMDS does not also provide funding for extension of sponsorships therefore sponsored students must ensure that they complete their programs of study within the set official duration.
  • Contract reinstatements are awarded only upon a sponsored student who repeated his/her studies producing an application for reinstatement attached with official results during failed academic year and during passed academic year thereafter as well as an active contract of sponsorship.
  • The contract reinstatement is also awarded to sponsored students who were granted official withdrawal by the Director NMDS upon producing application for reinstatement attached with official results for student to have passed the academic year prior/during official withdrawal, supporting documents for re-admission into studies, proof that such student has settled all dues to NMDS and medical fitness certificate in a case that withdrawal was on medical grounds as well as an active contract of sponsorship.

6. NMDS Sponsorship package:

  1. Tuition fees are billed by and payable directly to the institution of study;
  2. Accommodation for on-campus students is billed by and payable directly to the institution of study while for off-campus students, is set at NMDS rates and payable to students’ personal bank accounts submitted to NMDS during contracting/renewal;
  3. Research, project and equipment allowancesat NMDS rates are payable to students personal accounts upon request by a student with supporting documents from institution of study;
  4. Book allowances at NMDS rates are payable once at the beginning of every academic year to students personal accounts;
  5. Food Allowances at NMDS rates are payable monthly within the academic year to students personal accounts; and
  6. Transport Allowances at NMDS rates are for students studying outside the country
  • NMDS does not pay for Internet, notes, study guides, school association membership fees or any other extra recreational activity costs.

Students are requested to familiarise themselves with their Loan Bursary Agreement which is a binding contract of sponsorship between them and NMDS so that they shall comply with all its terms, conditions, obligations and undertakings throughout. Failure to comply may result to suspension, termination or legal action against the non-complying student.