Selibeng Newsletter – What about 2020?


From all of us here at, we hope you’re having a great time and enjoying the holiday season. We send lots of love and you have a Happy New Year!

As 2019 draws to a close, let’s have a quick look back at some highlights of the year!

Worth mentioning is the fact that our community (which includes you) keeps growing and validating our mission to help you find rewarding opportunities:

  • We’ve hit over 5.1 million views in 2019, making it a 24% increase from the previous year
  • Over 15, 652 hottest opportunities were shared via our platform
  • We’ve struct the best partnerships along the way, one to highlight is with IBM Digital Nation Africa to better reach our generation with the skills of the future
  • We’re slowing achieving our mission to establish a remote team, with our team spread across Lesotho, China and Nigeria
  • And we’re leaving no one behind, we have tool-kits to help you at every single stage for you to make better career choices.

The Selibeng team spends its days talking to innovators – the thinkers, entrepreneurs, designers and scientists who are driving meaningful change in the world. The result is a growing multi-platform of reporting, storytelling and analysis that enables our community to understand what’s coming next.

Here are some of the stories that sparked great conversations this year:

Remember you can still continue with your job search this holiday season! It’s a wrap for 2019!