9 Lesotho Apps you’ll need for your everyday life

Photo by Benjamin Sow on Unsplash

Take a quick search of apps for or about Lesotho on PlayStore and you’re sure to get a plethora of results. Surprisingly, there’s even an app on the Anthem of Lesotho. We’ve rounded 9 great apps that’ll sure meet at least one of your needs.


TransUp App allows you to get a quick, safe and affordable ride in minutes anywhere in Lesotho. TransUp lets users to request a cab with a tap of a button and get picked up by a nearby trusted driver who’ll take you to your destination right away!

Beyond rides, you can request a pick-up van (Nkukele) to help you with relocation or delivery of heavy goods. You can request car hire and rental services. You can request services for an ambulance.

TransUp App offers Intelligent Public and Private Transportation solutions that help make Transport Services more efficient for Operators, Drivers and Users. 

Spane App

Spane is a mobile app that provides a platform for free information on Opportunities, Jobs, Tenders and Scholarships.

Sky Alpha HD is a digital urban contemporary and Basotho owned online radio station. Sky Alpha HD breaks the boundaries and becomes the first ever online radio using WEBCAST, which intends to bring you nothing but fresh, out of the box radio with substance.

Sky Alpha HD promises to be the pioneer of electronic media, with a model and structure that is befitting for our demographics, namely aesthetics, academics, and the general public, basically relating to listeners hungry for spontaneous, on-point radio.


Are you a high school learner in Lesotho? You can now enjoy learning from the comfort of your own phone or tablet. LEduNet gives you access to tons of learning activities. It lets you learn together with other learners from all over the country through discussion forums, where you can post a question or answer questions posted by other learners.

And, worry not about data costs because with LEduNet, you can download learning activities and do them without any extra data charges.

Lesotho Guider

LesothoGuider lists all tourism related Points of Interest, Establishments, Public Services and Private Service Providers. It is tailored for both International and Domestic Tourism.

NUL Research and Innovations App

NUL Research and Innovations is a unique information sharing platform created by lecturers and students at the National University of Lesotho (NUL).

It is meant to share with members of the public, the excellent Research and Innovation work being done by lecturers and students at the NUL on a daily basis.

Nokaneng App

Nokaneng provides you with a secure and private platform to access information about gender based violence, receive or give advice, and maximize your protection against violence.

With Nokaneng, you can watch, read or listen to information about the different forms of gender based violence, services available in Lesotho and the laws that protect you against violence. You can ask professional counsellors for advice and give your own advice to others. Moreover, you can alert trusted contact or your immediate surrounding when at risk of violence.

Nokaneng gives you the knowledge and tools to enhance your safety, prevent violence before it happens and access support when you need it.

Nokaneng is zero-rated in Lesotho, meaning you will not be charged any data when using the App (downloading requires data). You can use Nokaneng in both Sesotho and English.

Lesotho Bookings App

Lesotho Bookings brings brand new experience of buying tickets in a few clicks. This user friendly app makes buying tickets easier than ever. Enjoy music festivals, concerts or see the match of your sports team. 

Mokotla Store Manager

Today, businesses all around the world are leveraging the power of the Internet, carrying out business 24 hours a day, Mokotla’s main focus is to help your business do just that.

It has become increasingly important to have an online presence for businesses, but having a website probably does not seem very practical for your business, think finding the right person/company to develop your website, think maintaining your website, think paying for servers/hosting/system administrator/… the list goes on.

With Mokotla you can place all your services, all your items online for everyone to see at a significantly lesser cost and effort. By using Mokotla you can help excel your business and reach potential customers far and wide at any time of day. 

Which local apps are you currently using? Leave a comment in case I missed one!