6 Ways Towards Personal Greatness

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It is so unfortunate that most of us live life as if we have all the time in the world. We put off living and reaching for our highest and best. And yet, the days slip into weeks, the weeks slip into months and the months slip into years. Before you know it, there’s no more life… it’s over.

When on their death deathbeds, many have regrets that they did not take enough risks. That they did not realize their highest personal potential and they did not give more love.

With life, there are no extra days; there are no meaningless days. This very day is the day that you can make a choice to be the person you know in your heart you have always wanted to be.

Today is the day you can make the decision to get into outstanding physical health or to be a genuine leader at work or to be more authentic as a human being or to take more risks and run towards your fears.

Seize the moment and live now!

Below are tips to help you live your best and achieve what you set your mind to.

1. Write out a 20 year plan for your professional as well as your personal life

Great companies ensure that they are governed by a well thought out mission, vision and value statement. A clear plan along with a statement of your most important values will allow you to make wiser choices which will lead to less failures.

2. Spend more time thinking

One of India’s most successful IT companies Satyam Computers encourages teammates to spend 1/3 of their time in contemplation. Most effective human beings think more than others. Think about what you want your life to represent. Think about how you can create more value. Think about what is not working in your life so you can make changes.

3. Get into balance

Striking a balance between your work and your personal life is not easy. It’s a daily challenge but by working at it, your life will work much better. Schedule time for physical exercise. Ensure that your family and friendships get the priority they deserve. Take some time for yourself because when you feel better, you will be a source of positive energy to all those around you.

4. Take calculated risks

Every seven days do something that makes you feel uncomfortable. The very thing that you are afraid to do is the thing that you should do first. Remember, on the other side of your fears lives your growth.

5. Be more loving

Great teams are built by authentic leaders who are not afraid to speak truthfully and show kindness. This is not a sign of weakness but a sign of strength. Be loving, polite and compassionate to all those around you. This does not mean that you don’t make the tough calls when you need to. What it really means is that you bring more of your humanity into your life.

6. Be different

Leaders, by definition, don’t follow the crowd; they live life on their own terms. Listen to the values that are most true to you. Be creative and remain an idealist.


Kaloli Tsekoa
KALOLI TSEKOA is an ‘Ignitor.’ He lives with a simple mantra: ‘Absolute Power Lies in Sharing.’ He’s an astute Speaker, Entrepreneur and a Development Activist. KALOLI TSEKOA is a Civil Engineering Technologist, Programme Manager and Fund Manager, among other with experience in Consulting and DFIs. His flagship programmes include the Lesotho Highlands Water Project, the R9billion Jobs Fund, the R3.2billion Small Business& Innovation Fund, etc. His passion is in transforming people and small businesses for better results.