5 Reasons Why You’re Better off Self-Employed

Guest Post by Suman Agarwal

Photo by Christina @ wocintechchat.com on Unsplash

Self-employment vs. traditional jobs – the debate about which is better has been going on for decades. But having worked in a corporate job and later setting up my own image consulting and soft skills training firm, I can say that the satisfaction that self-employment offers seconds none.

From my experience, here are a few reasons why self-employment is the right choice:

You are Your Own Boss

When you’re working for yourself, there’s no one governing your every move and micro-managing the work you do. The only feedback you may get is from your clients, but that’s it.

You can create your strategies, set your own timelines, and improvise your approach based on what you feel is best for your business. And this is the kind of life we all have dreamed of at some point or the other.

You can Finally Maintain a Work-Life Balance

When you’re working for someone else, your commitments towards your family or health can be perceived as excuses. No matter how understanding your employer is, you will go without pay for days you don’t work.

But as a self-employed professional, you can balance your work life and personal life fairly well. If you can’t manage to work for a couple of days because of personal commitments, you can work on weekends or extend working hours on some other days as long as you’re meeting deadlines, which is not the case in a traditional job.

You Earn Better

When you become self-employed, you may not be able to make huge profits initially. But when you get a grip on what you do, you can increase your earnings significantly.

And the best part? You get to take all the profit home. On the other hand, your employer won’t pay you an extra penny even if you contribute directly to the company’s profit.

You Choose Who to Work with

People working in full-time jobs don’t get a say in the kind of work they are assigned. If a challenge is thrown their way, they can do nothing but push themselves to cope up with it.

But when you are self-employed, you get to choose your own challenges. You can take up projects that you love or projects with challenges that excite you; the ball will be in your court.

Moreover, you will be dealing with your clients directly, and this will give you a clear understanding of what your clients actually want.

You can Work from Home

Most freelance and self-employed professionals work from home considering how most services and products are now being taken online. So, you may not need an office space to operate.

Self-employment is immensely fulfilling, and I realized it when I took the plunge. Several years back, I started my own image consulting and soft skills training firm. And today, not only am I an industry expert, the students I trained have become successful image consultants and soft skills trainers who are enjoying the desired professional and financial stability.

Image consulting and training in soft skills are the most rewarding self-employment opportunities that I know. The right skills and a single certification are your ticket to the thousands of crores huge image management industry that allows you to earn per project.

You can choose any career field as long as it allows leveraging your natural skills and gives you an opportunity to achieve your financial goals. But before you make a move forward, create an action plan and dedicate yourself to the idea of self-employment.

If you are determined, you will certainly be successful and have the life you have always dreamed of.

All the best!