On freelancing by a Freelancer


I went from roaches on my bump to red brooches on the cuff… 

– A$AP Rocky

“My name is Promise Akpan, and I’m a WordPress Developer and DevOps Engineer. I have been freelancing professionally for approximately 4 years and I have completed more than 100 projects in the space of 3 years and for of course numerous “repeat” clients (individuals and organizations). I would love to work on your project xxx”

The above is a good example of the cover letter I use at Upwork where I am a Top Rated Freelancer. I always edit that to fit the exact project I want to work on, why with my experience I am an asset to them.

Freelancing isn’t a “get rich quick” scheme. For someone to advise you try it if you’re broke simply means he assumes you have a skill and a “market” already.

Another thing to put into consideration, do people know you have a specific skill or skills? Can they recommend you if they see an opportunity that might interest you?

Do you have a “network”?

If you ever want to venture into freelancing, have something people can see as a backing for your claims.

You made magic in a recent digital marketing campaign? Show proof!

You built a plugin or package or template from scratch? Show me the repo!

You designed a badass graphic? By all means let’s see it.

Like a bank, you can’t withdraw if you haven’t deposited into your account. It’s the same with freelancing.

You need a skill or a group of skills. Master it/them in a few months, build/design/create sample stuff and finally find people to solve problems for with your learned skill(s).

A misconception I have seen is people assume they must be on a platform like “Upwork” to survive thereby neglecting the immediate problems around them.

Learn a skill and get yourself out there.

I can’t shout too much before I get drowned in projects, I already am anyway 🤦🏽‍♂️. You can always let me know what it is you do so I can pass projects/opportunities to you. Don’t get carried away even as you earn from your skill. Keep learning.

Thank you for reading.