Volunteerism and Activism are an Apostolic Work

Originally written by Zwelithini Matsoso

Photo by Mayur Gala on Unsplash
Photo by Mayur Gala on Unsplash

Volunteerism and activism are an apostolic work, it’s humanly impossible to survive them if your mandate is wrong.

Unlike being a Sangoma where your calling comes in your dreams, here it comes in the light of day hence you work and suffer for it.

I often get consultations from youth that want to engage in volunteerism and activism. Also from parents that want their sons and daughters to be recruited into volunteering programs. Such consultancy engagements are often centered around finding information on which organizations to join, possibility of a stipend (salary) and many other benefits. Quite often it’s about the benefits.

I will be honest, volunteering and activism are an apostolic work. You will have to be the last guy always to confirm your availability for a party because there is a youth development engagement that you have to attend first. You will not get employment at the time your fellow age-mates acquire such because Human Resource Managers fear for their bosses.

You go into entrepreneurship, you might also not get contracts you are qualified for because there is “what if” in the procurement. You are putting your head on the chopping block for other people, creating opportunities for others that yourself might not even enjoy.

For young people, I put to you that it’s humanly impossible to survive this. Unless you understand that this is a Godly work, you might not be so successful in pursuing the cause you stand for.

If the mandate for volunteering is salary, popularity and just hanging around after graduating, you are in a wrong train. This is a marriage commitment “in sickness and in health, for better or for worse.” However you may divorce if you want to. Yet, imagine the gap you will leave without someone entering your shoes.

At the end, dedicating time and energy to help others is often very fulfilling. You get to see immediate impact of your work. Even if it’s to enjoy the smile of one person you help.