AYP ENTREPRENEURSHIP EXPO 2018 – Turning a Buying Society into a Producing Society

By Nvulane Nhlapo (@NvulaneNhlapo)


We live in an age of mass-media hyperbole. Things now are best-evers, greatest in x amount of time, the most this-or-that since records have been kept, biggest whatever since the last one. This time, it’s the mighty AYP Entrepreneurship Expo 2018.

Media hyperbole serves a purpose, but some things are undeniably doing the most, as with the wave of entrepreneurship from the NUL Community that’s spreading country-wide. AYP Entrepreneurship Expo is an event dedicated to the NUL class of 2017/18 and the plan is to keep it rolling yearly.

The event is dedicated to final year students because they’re about to leave the varsity life and move back to different parts of the country. As such, the motive is to ensure that they motivate and become problem-solvers in their communities.

The AYP Entrepreneurship Expo 2018 is themed, ‘Turning the buying society into a producing society.’ With various challenges facing youth today, it’s time we all start thinking of what we can produce and distribute to the world.

AYP hopes to achieve a lot through the Expo. Among other things is to enlighten students on the importance of supporting and buying locally produced goods.

Even better, to lead more youth into entrepreneurship by exposing them to various opportunities on how they can become producers and not just buyers. At the same time to explore on how to work together in meaningful ways that create employment.

The expectation is to invite the Roma Community and youth around and engage them as part of the Expo. Part of that is to help curb crime within the Roma community and encourage more youth to pursue various entrepreneurial opportunities.

The event is open to all Basotho youth in business or pursuing various entrepreneurial endeavors. NUL Alumni in business are particularly invited to attend and partake in the expo.

The AYP Entrepreneurship Expo 2018 will be held on the 13th April 2018 at Netherlands Hall, NUL. The activities of the day are expected to commence at 10am and end at 4pm. The expo is sponsored by DOPE FM and Selibeng.com. As they say in the scouts, be prepared!


Here’s the breakdown of what’s to happen at the Expo:

Part 1:
Various organizations supporting business initiatives in Lesotho are invited to share or make presentations on some of their services. The expectation is to have organizations such as BEDCO, LRA, Ministry of Small Business and Post Bank.

BEDCO will share on how they help youth in business. LRA will share about the taxation processes and registration with them. The Ministry of Small Businesses will shed a light on how they’re making doing business easy in Lesotho. Post Bank will talk about loan options they have for youth in business, savings options, and business banking.

The AYP will also present the results of the recent study on whether Basotho are a buying society or a producing society.


Part 2.

There will be a tour of various exhibition stalls and interaction with some of the guests and organizations. The stalls will be for students in business, NUL Alumni, Youth in Business, and other youth even if they’re not studying at NUL. As long as they not more than 35 Years old.

Only and only goods produced in Lesotho will be displayed in the Netherlands Hall. Youth in business and selling outsourced goods will have their stalls near the main entrance of the hall. Youth in business outside the Roma Community will be charge M30 per stall and lunch will be catered for such individuals.


Part 3.
Youth in business, student entrepreneurs and other youth will share their success stories in the business world, their challenges and their goals. These will be to motivate aspiring entrepreneurs.

There will also be a presentation from Exit Foundation (Ex inmates Transformation Foundation) an organization formed by Ex Inmates, that talks to the Youth about consequences of committing Crime as a result of trying to get quick cash. To end the day, there will be a poetry recitation from one of the NUL students.


About AYP

The Academic Youth Progress (AYP) was founded in 2016 by three NUL students. The founders of the organization, having been born and raised in Lesotho, are no strangers to the high unemployment rate that has plagued our society for decades.

Lesotho’s situation is not unique. In fact, literature shows that most if not all countries were at a certain point in time faced with the very same socioeconomic issues that Lesotho is experiencing. However, through social and educational reforms these countries were able to develop into Newly Industrialized Countries (NIC’s).

It is the AYP’s firm belief that Lesotho has the potential to grow tremendously economically and socially. AYP also believes that a better future is won by preparing the youth for the ever accelerating unprecedented technological expansion in our midst.

In order to keep up with the global markets, Lesotho has to develop today’s most crucial skills and promote entrepreneurship throughout the whole country. AYP has faith that the resulting growth in the private sector will yield a prosperous and innovative society.


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