Selibeng in 2017 – Highlights and Milestones

By Nvulane Nhlapo


We did a lot in 2017, but that was just the beginning. Just a year after the inception of, the platform breezed past yet another milestone in 2017 by charting on the list of the top 50 most visited websites in Lesotho. All thanks to our community – our heroes!

2018 is already shaping up to be a better year, with more in store for our community. Here are some of our highlights and milestones in 2017.


Feature Updates

We worked hard to roll out new features designed to enhance your experience. One of the major features were the Job Profiles. The intent is for professionals to better understand their career path and provide position analysis of their current jobs.

We’re also providing numerous resources for those in self-employment and pursing entrepreneurship. While we profiled a number of success stories, in the coming year, look for more productive and enriching experiences directly via

In 2017, we introduced CV services and were happy to see a lot of professionals sign-up and register their CVs on our platform. We extended the service to CV Evaluation to interact directly with our community and provide a value adding service free of charge.

This may sound like a large list of small changes, (and we may well sound like sarcastic bastards) but it all looks like it might piece together to create the most prolific resource for connecting passionate professionals in Lesotho to more meaningful and exciting opportunities yet.

We look forward to continuing to expand the ways can make your life easier, more productive, and fun in 2018.


Best Blog Posts

Our Content Manager, Relebohile Sera, hand-picked the best blog posts that made it through to the end of 2017 right alongside us. In case you missed out, these are some of the blog posts that went viral:

  1. NUL Graduate, Anna Molibeli, Shares her Story on Teaching English in Taiwan
  2. Writing a Job Application Letter
  3. Jobless by Choice? Ts’olo Thakeli Shares on this Predicament and the #HelpMeFindWork Campaign
  4. Mamello Konyana: Lesotho’s Own Soccer Ball Manufacturer
  5. Moteane Melamu Changing Social Norms: A Mechanical Engineering Graduate Running His Baking Business Wearing His Mortarboard
  6. How long does it take to get a job in Lesotho?
  7. Mervice Brings You Mobile Waterless Carwash Services
  8. A Young Mosotho lad, Thabo Tshehlo, Wins 1st Prize at a Provincial Writing Contest in China
  9. Thulo Motaung, King Of The South on Hustling
  10. Lesotho’s Tech Start-up, Lunchbox, to participate in EU-Africa Start-up Fair in Ivory Coast


Guest Bloggers

It was great to finally see a torrent of contributions handled with deft precision from our Guest Bloggers. These are the individuals who reached out to us and got their articles published on Frank Molise, Sunny Chawla, Mpho Brown, Nishant Agrawal, and Hopolang Mathaba.


The Spane App

We had fun teaming up with Code Pool and Lesotho Career Assistant to deliver a mobile app tailored to share various opportunities. We’re motivated to continue further with a major update of the app to release more features.


Community Events

One of our main highlights of 2017 was the honour of being invited for The Hub Talk at The Hub in Morija where we shared our story and what we’re doing for the job market in Lesotho. We actively took part in The African Book Club meetups held in Maseru throughout 2017 and sponsored two writing competitions in Lesotho.

We also had an honour of being one of the sponsors at TEDxYouth@Kingsway and also getting actively involved at TEDxMoshoeshoeRd.



Sadly we have not been able to include all author contributions in this annual round-up. However, we hope that for those of you visiting our platform for the first time, you sense its breadth, dynamism and impact.

We welcome future contributions from employers, bloggers, entrepreneurs, policy-makers and all who have a vested interest in the job market, education, and equal opportunities for all. While we continue to attract a rising number of contributors from around the world, we would love to publish more from contributors in Lesotho.

We wish every member of our community and authors a blessed and prosperous new year.