Mervice Brings You Mobile Waterless Carwash Services

Article by Relebohile Sera


In a budding economy where young people still blame their ineffectiveness on the government’s lack of employment opportunities, others are making a difference by coming up with innovative ways and improved means of providing a living for themselves.

Mervice (Pty) Ltd is a specialized mobile waterless carwash service provider with about a month in operation and in the business of providing efficiency and convenience to its clients. Its target market is corporates as well as individuals within the Maseru-urban radius.

“We have a very audacious vision of being a leading contributor to Lesotho being recognized as a clean country as per the Environmental Performance Index.” Teboho, one of the co-founders, stated.


The company was founded by two university graduates; Teboho Mphana and Atang Maqelepo. The duo both went to Lesotho High School but only became really close as they shared a dorm when they studied IB at Machabeng College in 2010. Teboho went to the University of Pretoria, completed in 2016 with a Bcom Hons in Investment Management while Atang went to the University of Witwatersrand an completed in 2016 with a BSc. in Engineering – Mining.

“I am a patriot and he’s an environmentalist, so the company had to make both of us happy.” Teboho enthusiastically affirmed.

The mount in Lesotho’s middle-income group together with the affordability of import vehicles have led to a momentous increase in motor vehicles in the country, particularly in the Maseru region. The demand for water at carwashes has consequently increased, queues at existing credible carwashes have turned out to be longer and informal carwashes with zero drainage systems are mushrooming all over town.

“Mervice seeks to provide a remedy to these pain points through its mobile waterless carwash service solution. Our eco-friendly mobile waterless carwash service has the potential to save thousands of litres of water annually, whilst reducing the number of toxin-infused water runoffs from informal carwashes with no drainage systems.”

“The idea to start a business together came up in 2014. We flirted with a few business concepts before settling on the mobile waterless carwash. The carwash concept evolved from just a mobile carwash to a waterless one after we found potential challenges.” Mphana articulated.

Mervice is currently employing two people and looking to add four more by the end of the year to help curb the high unemployment rate in the country.

Mervice obtained an environmental clearance, signifying the company’s method of operating and cleaning products as Eco-Friendly. The processes and cleaning products used by the company have been approved by the Department of Environment in the Ministry of Tourism, Environment and Culture following an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). The products are biodegradable, natural and soluble. As a result they pose no harm to individuals exposed to them, the car being washed, and the environment within which the car is being washed.

The company is involved with the Vodacom Innovation Park, a technology-based business incubator for young entrepreneurs in Lesotho, in any area of business, that are looking to leverage the power of technology and mobile communications to differentiate and make their businesses more competitive and productive.

“We started off just like everyone else attending the free and open to all Business Clinics held every Friday; we attended these religiously. Eventually we caught the eye of the park’s coordinator. Last week Wednesday she approached us about partaking in that Friday’s pitching competition and we jumped at the opportunity.” Mphana stated. They were fortunate enough to be voted as the winners of the contest, and have been granted unlimited access of the park for a month.

To get their services, contact them on +266 5813 0439 and +266 5849 2337