Huawei targets Lesotho with its Learn ON program


Huawei has announced that it will offer virtual live classes and online self-study through its Learn ON in Lesotho. This is a Huawei Certificate Training Program.

Virtual Live Classes are set for 25th May till 12th June. Registration is already open. After the training, participants receive a free HCIA voucher and can take the online certification exam at home.

For online self-study, there are various courses available that can take about 1 hour each day. Mock exams are also available to test the study outcomes. After passing the mock exam, participants can apply online for a Certification Exam Voucher worth $200.

To create contactless online education systems for educators and students, Huawei’s Learn ON program provides high-quality resources on an open platform together with financial support to ensure education continuity.

Huawei has lined-up the following:

1. A total of US$5 million Huawei ICT Academy Development Incentive Fund (ADIF) will be provided to partner colleges for activities such as online course, online training, and online experiment.

2. More than 130 MOOC resources will be opened up, covering advanced technical fields such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), big data, 5G, and Internet of Things (IoT).

3. More than 100 online Train the Trainer (TTT) will be provided from April to December, and more than 1500 teachers are expected to be trained.

4. 50,000 students are expected to be trained through online self-learning, courses, and classes.

Education disruption due to the crisis might further widen the educational gaps between regions and countries and aggravate the digital divide. To solve this problem, distance online education is one of the important and effective measures. Smooth communication platforms, appropriate teaching resources, as well as prompt, convenient supporting services will all serve as the key to large-scale online education.