4 Free Career Training Sessions You Can Take with ‘Grow with Google OnAir’

Photo by Rajeshwar Bachu on Unsplash

We have previously shared a number of resources for you to study from home including free tech-related training and certifications. As we discover more, we will keep sharing with you. Our latest discovery is Grow with Google OnAir.

Grow with Google OnAir offers free virtual workshops, events and 1:1 coaching sessions to help you get the most out of digital tools. Whether you own a small business or you’re searching for your next job, Grow with Google experts and partners teach digital skills that can help you grow.

While there’s more to their offering, below we share 4 free career workshops you can take advantage of right away.

This introductory workshop will help you discover and track new job opportunities using Google Search, and learn how to organize and enhance your job search experience using G Suite tools.

Join the National Congress of American Indians (NCAI) and Grow with Google to discover Google tools that can help you manage your business during this time of uncertainty. Hear from tribal leaders and small business owners regarding the importance of Native business resiliency.  This workshop will introduce how Google search works and explore ways to increase your online presence.

This introductory workshop takes a closer look into Google Docs. You’ll get four strategies to improve your resume and a checklist of tips to help you communicate your strengths.

Learn about Google tools that can help you work and stay productive no matter where you are. Discover how to schedule and host effective virtual meetings, collaborate on documents with others in real time, and access your files from anywhere—even from your phone. Plus, get tips on more free online resources to help you gain new digital skills.