Career Options and Job Profiles for New Graduates

By Nishant Agrawal (Guest Post)

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Graduation is the base for a better future. Some students choose a graduation degree as a part of their education while others choose it as a career path. A majority of us find it difficult to choose the right career after graduation.

Once you enroll with a university, you’re charting a course for your future career. There are plenty of options available for final year students. Many are lost between choosing the right career option because of things like job profiles, salary packages, areas of interest, etc.

Earlier, our career options were very limited, now we have ample career options like Management, Information and Communications Technology, HR etc. These terms are very wide.  You need to have a proper guidance to plan a secured career.

In the end, we only opt for that career which makes us happy and fulfilled with enough perks and has a solid growth perspective. There is a basic choice we come across, either take a job or continue further with a master’s degree. provides a comprehensive collection of various job profiles from which job seekers can better understand positions they’re applying for or current employees can better understand their present positions.

Many training institutions do career counseling and provide various career advice as well as various training and programs in MS Office, HR certification course, MIS corporate Accounting, SAP etc.


MS Office

Before choosing any career, it is mandatory for all the graduates to have the basic knowledge of Ms. Office. MS office includes Ms. Word, Ms PowerPoint, Ms excel etc. MS office is used by both individuals and professionals.

To be specific, Ms. Excel is the basic requirement for most of the job profiles. Through Microsoft office certification, professionals learn the ability to use tools and techniques of spreadsheets. Spreadsheets are not only used for storing data but also for analyzing the results. There are so many things one needs to know like graphics tools, calculator, formulas, charts, programming languages, pivot tools, VBA etc.

After graduation, you can take the Advanced Excel Training Course from any reputed institution. It not only adds value to your resume but also increases the chance of getting a better job with a good salary package.

There is so much competition in the job market; this course will provide a better recognition and competitive advantage. We have all used MS Excel at some point but it is important to go beyond the basics. To get into the corporate world you need to gain some Advanced Excel knowledge. In order to prove your skills, MS. Certification program is necessary for all the graduates.

You will become proficient in MS excel and understand all its techniques. Besides, you can build a strong IT career through this course. You will become an expert chart builder and can become a finance professional or business analyst.

Through this certification you can get leadership and analytical job roles. It will take you to better job positions with good salary hike. It will lead to better business and success. MS Excel is highly recommended for business professionals.



Those who have interest in technology can go for Management Information Systems. In MIS field, you determine the process of flow of information in the organization. There are two job positions an MIS candidate can get, Computer and information system manager and network and computer systems administrator.

The information system manager plays a vital role in the organization and their pay scale is also very high. They plan and coordinate the activities and determine the information goals of the organization. All the areas of the organization use the information. As an MIS professional you need to create and manage business information for business processes and decisions.

There are many key areas where you need to work like security, exchange, and integration. MIS professionals work on projects, become part of internal teams and support customer services.

To make a career in MIS you need a bachelor’s degree in computer or information systems or you need a professional diploma or certification in MIS. There are many jobs available like information systems manager, IT project manager, a computer systems administrator etc.



Human Resource has gained great importance nowadays. HR jobs and careers continue to grow. For any business to be successful, human resource plays a vital role. HR departments are contributing a lot in meeting the organizational goals. Small companies need only a few HR who takes care of all the Human resource aspects. Their job profile is HR Generalist. In big companies, there are multiple departments including HR department.

HR Managers specialize in different areas like training and development, recruitment and selection, employment and payroll, compensation and benefits, labor relations and much more.

There are so many varieties of positions in this field. It has great career opportunities. We would recommend you to pursue a degree course in HR or business to make a successful career in it.

Consider a few things in mind while making a career into it. Firstly, educational background of the HR employee varies. Secondly, certification and experience count a lot in shaping an HR career. Thirdly, a college degree and professional training course or certification will add more career opportunities in HR.

After graduation, you can choose the master’s degree in human resource from any college or some HR training and certification from a reputed institution. Master’s degree will make you competitive however training and experience will get you high paying HR jobs.

After graduation, there are so many career options available. You need to choose and select the option as per your area of interest. Go ahead and explore a list of job profiles.



Author Bio :

Nishant Agrawal is a career advisor in Talent Magnifier institute. He wants to give great career advice in Ms excel, HR Certification Course, MIS corporate Accounting, etc. to those learner’s who want to make their bright future.