Email Marketing VS Social Media Marketing: Which One Has More Benefits

Guest Post by Muhammad Jawad

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Digital technology has introduced to us several ways to connect with people around the globe. Each of these channels has different pros and cons but does the same work – an efficient way to promote a brand.

Since we are living in a tech era, we should not turn our faces from reality. This means that marketing has become a lot complicated than before. We are in the middle of choosing which way to go, but nothing helps better than looking at the old experiences.

What have you been looking for? Is e-mail marketing worth integrating than social media marketing? These questions have numbed almost every one of us. However, you can find the answers to your questions in this post.

E-mail Marketing Vs. Social Media Marketing: Which One Is Better For You?

1.     Number of Users

The first parameter to distinguish between the two marketing channels is the total number of users. It is quite difficult to say that users on one platform are higher than the other one due to the ease of use.

Analysts are skeptical about estimating the growth because both channels provide effective services to end-users. If we look at the statistics deeply, then it is clear that majority of users have e-mail accounts.

Social media is no doubt, the most used platform today, but we can’t neglect the fact that there are still many users who are more comfortable in using e-mail accounts for business purposes.

2.     Preferred Choice

Studies show that users are likely to engage in marketing tactics using e-mails as compared to social media. This is because companies tend to provide detailed information about the service that inspires the users at a glance. Each day, a user gives more attention to e-mails while social media is only surfed in pass time.

On the other hand, we cannot deny the fact that due to the facility of a mobile phone, users give equal attention to both accounts. This means that both e-mails and social media are on the fingertips, which keeps them updated about everything.

Not only this, but users tend to subscribe to newsletters to get instant updates via e-mails. Now, this makes sense of why e-mails are preferred over social media.

3.     Lead Generation

Another point to ponder on is about getting traffic and reaching maximum conversion. Social media is a bit off for gaining traffic, and thus, the engagement rate is also less. This means that social media marketing barely gets optimum engagement to achieve the required goals. In contrast, e-mail marketing is worth practicing in such a digital war.

We can see that nearly 80% of users interact with e-mails and perform necessary actions to reach out to the business easily. This shows that lead generation through e-mail marketing is greater than social media marketing.

Many marketers prefer to include pleasing graphics, CTA, and custom made logos, which engages the user instantly. Perhaps, you need to struggle a lot to get more views and engagement on social media by following the latest trends and techniques.

4.     Sales-Driven Platform

Almost every brand or company require e-mail address of their customer for further proceedings. This lets them send important e-mails and promote their services to keep the users engaged with the brand. It means that e-mail marketing is a preferred choice for promotional purposes.

But, at the same time, we can’t say that the remaining percentage of the users are not happy with the use of social media. They may be receiving more information than e-mail users, isn’t it?

The big picture is revealed here – we all would not like to get excessive promotional messages from any brand or company on our social media. It is our private social channel, which is mostly used to interact, communicate, and mingle. However, e-mail is the best option to check out for any promotional message that is worth clicking.

Therefore, users are happy to get their e-mail inbox filled with dozens of promotional messages. It also proves that if a company wishes to increase sales, it should never miss out on a chance of sending promotional messages to the customers via e-mails.

5.     Return On Investment

If you are really not getting which way to go, then return on investment (ROI) is the best way to choose a platform. Again, the question is which platform yields in greatest ROI – social media or e-mail?

The answer is again, e-mail. It is proved that whenever you spend $1 on e-mail marketing, you will receive a 440% ROI as a result. The ROI of social media is really a big challenge to calculate. This is because the method varies from brand to brand.

Final Thoughts

Since marketing is a broader perspective, we should not confuse between the two platforms. Where social media is effective in answering the problems of the users, e-mail marketing is the best to promote your business.

If you are using both platforms together, then you have greater chances to create a hype among your prospects. Thus, no platform can be used as a replacement of each other. You need to know about the dynamics to achieve better results.

Authors Bio

Muhammad Jawad is a digital marketing and SEO Expert working for multiple organizations to boost their business and online presence. He is currently working as an SEO analyst at EasternStylo