8 Killer Digital Marketing Trends You Need to Know

By Rubika Khan (Guest Post)

Photo by Campaign Creators on Unsplash

In today’s day and age, cutting-edge digital trends are developing in full swing, with all the dealers and marketers quite conscious of various transformations.

These trends keep up with the ever evolving technologies and move forward in the market. With the SEO Services in Noida, it favours them to increase their competitive edge as it helps to cultivate innovative techniques to develop their great businesses, create leads and boost the relationship with their present customers.

Visual Content leads the pack

It was estimated by marketing professionals that Visual Content will surely rule 2019 than previous years. Lots of visual images and videos will be thriving in the digital world and help to encourage businesses to move ahead in marketing.

The professionals further explain the significance of using visuals such as pictures, videos, infographics, as far as marketing tactics are concerned to seize more attention by audiences.

‘Mobile-Friendly’ marketing is a priority

Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives. At any given point a person wants to search anything, they are at liberty to do so using their smartphones. A google search engine pops instant results. This is a true testament of how reliant we are on smartphones, thus mobile marketing is a priority.

SEO goes mobile

As afore indicated, a mobile-friendly website can perform miracles every day. With a great strategy in place, Google considers SEO’s website auditing checklist with major attention to enhancing organic search results.

AI wins the race

AI (Artificial Intelligence) i.e. intelligence demonstrated by machines has a stamp of approval from captains of the industry. This is a great industry that can assist your business/(es) on the backend and include chatbots.

Chatbots are common in top e-commerce sites and they make customer experience and assistance easy.

Siri is a popular technique of artificial intelligence that is approved by the mobile industry.

The advent of Video Ads

According to current market strategy, video advertising is all set to take more than 85% of the full internet traffic by the end of 2019. It is also predicted that there will be a huge growth in video ads across all the video sharing platforms.

IoT revolutionizes the market

2018 was the year for the rise of multiple new products, services, and applications for IoT. This growth will surge this year. Also, IoT & data are predicted to renovate the various industrial platforms such as education, healthcare, and manufacturing. This innovative technology helps in augmenting the efficiency of these areas but also transforms the way these organizations function.

Mobile Marketing will be above

Mobile marketing is on the buzz with the newest trend in the global market. At present, SEO-optimized websites or even mobile-friendly websites cannot only perform to get top ranks in SERP. The search colossal will scrutinize the performance of your website on mobile as well as offer the rankings.

AR lead above VR

Notwithstanding the massive forecasts, The VR and AR technology is unable to enthrall the viewers in the prior two years.  However, professionals envisage that 2019 will fetch massive deviations in this field. Organizations anticipate AR software to provide more profits than VR software.