Be More Curious, These Times Punish Resistance to Change

By Teboho Polanka


Choosing to stand still means that in fact you go backwards, because your world changes around you. And when your world changes, even in small ways, you eventually get dragged along, sometimes kicking and screaming because not everyone embraces change. Just recognizing that change is inevitable can be a relief. – Branch

I have seen a lot of people, who know for a fact that they need to be more open to change but for some unknown reasons resort to hallucinating through life. They live with an incredible amount of ignorance.

Tell you what, as is the case with all living things, we all must grow up. Whether in our careers or every other area, we must grow.

Think about this: what if you were to plant potatoes especially during a dry season and they decided not to yield? Would you consider that an acceptable excuse?

I know that I cited the case of potatoes and you may be tempted to discard this as irrelevant. The idea behind the above case is simply to seduce you into being intentional about your personal growth. Like it or not change happens and affects everything about life.

Putting yourself in control of the changes you experience makes the journey a lot more enjoyable. You may have tough work to do along the way, and a fair sprinkling of discomfort to accompany the exhilaration and accomplishment, but you are in the driving seat, focused on the road ahead.

And while you’re moving up the gears, you need to see what’s going on clearly and objectively so that you can make the best possible choices for your route.

Who on this planet can claim to have lived a flawless life? We’ve made mistakes, some small while some were on a more epic scale. Yet through it all we’ve had to uphold the notion that says, “we learn from mistakes.” Some of us even had to redefine success.

The coming times will punish resistance to change. So it becomes imperative that all of us become more deliberate about our efforts to redefining success and doing something about it. We all must be more objective about life.

Being self-aware allows you to see the results of your life objectively and in perspective. You may have a tendency to label certain events that happened to you ‘good’ or ‘bad’ based on how you felt about them at the time. Remember this in reality, events are mixed, and you even change how you feel about them over time.

Curiosity never killed anyone – not even the cat. Thinking about the choices you make in your life in a curious way doesn’t mean that you always have regrets that your actions can never produce 100 per cent good results. It does mean that you begin to relax, knowing that whatever choice you make, you always open up for yourself the possibility to choose again and perhaps choose differently. When you focus on outcomes you find that you automatically start to become interested in the puzzle, curious about how it’s going to be solved, and fascinated by the new end result. This is a great state to be in, because it’s almost always a better way of getting the answers you need than agonizing that you messed things up – and it’s certainly a lot more fun. – Branch


Teboho is a Social Worker, Writer and Inspirational Speaker. He is in pursuit of MSc. in Managerial Psychology. Graduates are able to apply psychological principles and methods to tackle challenges in the work environment and provide effective practical solutions. Acting as industrial-organizational psychologists.