Be intentional. Take Responsibility!

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What you think about everyday determines where you end up in this life. Much of what is happening in our lives started in the way we thought about everything. Some of us look at the situation in this country and all they see is hopelessness. Some look at the very same circumstances and all they see and think of is an opportunity.

Some look at the surrounding economic climate and see no future in this country. Some with all the unemployment rising, all they think about is how to create jobs. Our lives falls within the two groups. Those who see hopelessness are known for engaging in maladaptive behaviours while those who see an opportunity are known for working on prioritizing in their lives.

An unplanned life isn’t worth living. Giving your future to chance is a dangerous alternative. Think of it this way, what if structural engineers left all the planning to chance. Undertaking the building of big structures without having set out plans, just hoping that the whole thing will work itself out. Can you envision the consequences of such a choice?

And I know you can already see the danger in there. Yet for some strange reason, many of us have left our lives to chance. Many wake up hoping to find job posts and begin to apply. Many have already tried out this journey of job hunting. They have experienced frustration after frustration. But because there’s nothing they see in this country but hopelessness they remain forever stuck in that level of mediocre.

It will only take changing the thought system, to bring about change. Until people see a need to change or manage their thought lives, things will remain the same or get worse. For those who see an opportunity within the surrounding economic climate, their lives will keep spiraling upwards. They will continue enjoying a level of comfort and security that is foreign to most of the graduates in this country.

The way you view unemployment determines your position today and your experiences today. If you think of it as something beyond your control, seeing yourself as a victim, you are in a sense condemned to a life of struggle. But if you boss up, and look at it as a structural change that can be altered, then your life will take a new shape. You will make positive strides.

Supposing that unemployment is beyond us may be good news for some people, because now it lifts off all the responsibility of fighting back.

But the good news is that, the thought that unemployment is somehow foreign to us, and that it is something that just happens to us is not true. It all begins with how we were conditioned to think about everything.

Those who seem to be successful today did not get there by means of luck. Did not get there by looking through horoscopes. Did not get there through the use of magical voodoo. And most certainly, did not get there because of talent or good fortune.

Ask any honest successful person you may know, and they will tell you that it took deliberate purpose and effort to get to where they are. It is just as I always tell my friends, practice makes perfect as long as practice is perfect. We have got to be intentional about mind management.

Just look at the situation you are in at this very moment, then you will see what I mean when I say many fall within the scope of poverty. Many of the very poor are working. The thoughts of losing their jobs give them sleepless nights. Their future depends on a paycheck because somebody made them believe that. They will work for as long as they live, never experiencing contentment never experiencing a sense of security.

Many of us have spent many years going through school. We have been made to believe something about this life. We have been made to be comfortable with not using our minds. 1+1 is 2. Supposing a different answer and try and give an explanation behind your reasoning.

You will be ridiculed because somehow trying to think outside the box has become strange and in some cases unacceptable. That’s why everything happens the way it does. We have been made to believe the way we do.

It all begins with changing the way you think about everything and stop seeing yourself as a victim of circumstances. It begins with making a deliberate decision to be responsible both for and in what is happening in your life and around you.

Think of what you’ll have people say about you when you lie dead in a coffin. Can you honestly say you want them to say there goes another victim of life. Do you think it will be the nicest thing for people to say?

Think of the end of your life and begin to make necessary adjustments in the way you think about everything. Begin to be deliberate in unlearning some things and learning new things.


Teboho Polanka
Teboho is a Social Worker, Writer and Inspirational Speaker. He is in pursuit of MSc. in Managerial Psychology. Graduates are able to apply psychological principles and methods to tackle challenges in the work environment and provide effective practical solutions. Acting as industrial-organizational psychologists.