7 Tips For Better Online Banking

Photo by rupixen.com on Unsplash

Thanks to online banking, banking has never been quicker or easier. Today it’s possible to bank at any time of day or night.

You don’t have to waste time driving to the bank, queuing to be served (maybe) and then driving all the way home again when you run into traffic in the city. Just log on, check your balance and make a payment — all from the comfort of your lounge chair.

An online bank account offers a number of benefits such as mobility, keeping track of your spending and more.

1. Probably the first thing to consider with online banking is the convenience. You can access your bank via the Internet at any time of day or night, even while lying in bed if you like.

2. Transaction performed online are generally much cheaper than those done over the counter at a bank branch. You can pay bills, transfer cash, check balances, and much more for much less.

4. Your computer has convenient ways to help you remember your login details. But don’t use the “remember my password” option if your computer suggests it. Keep your bank login details very safe and very secret.

5. Most online banks will allow you change your password. This is a very good idea and something you should do regularly. Of course, you must also remember your new password each time it is changed.

6. Logging on to your online bank is easy and very convenient. But after you have completed your business, remember to log out of your online bank again. This is especially important if you access your bank from a library, at work, or in a cyber café.

7. Enjoy your online banking, but beware of any email you receive asking you to verify your bank details by clicking a link. The site may look authentic, but it will probably be a fake. Respectable banks don’t ask anyone to verify details by email.

And here are additional tips to keep in mind:

  • Know what you’re agreeing to — and what you’re getting.
  • Be wary of offers that seem too good to be true.
  • Set up alerts so you know what your balance is at all times.
  • Make sure your transactions are encrypted and secure.
  • Be sure to keep all software updated on your mobile device and computer.
  • Carefully consider what types of accounts are best for your needs.

Takeaway: You should take steps to ensure you have a safe online banking experience