Be Vigilant, Safeguard Your Bank Information


The Banker’s Association of Lesotho (BAL) today launched the 2019 Fraud Awareness Campaign under the theme “Be Vigilant, Safeguard Your Bank Information”.

In his speech the BAL chairperson Mr. Molefi Leqhaoe, advised customers on the following tips:

  • Do not accept help from strangers and always keep your PIN a secret.
  • Sign your bank card at the back (debit and credit card) as an additional measure against fraudsters using your card.
  • Safeguard your ATM bank cards, chequebook and bank statements at all times.
  • Protect your identification documents.
  • Report suspicious behavior and lost cards to the bank and the Police.
  • Always check your surroundings for any suspicious people.
  • Never reply to emails that require you to enter your personal details.
  • Never give out your User ID, password, or account number into a
    non-secure web page.
  • Remember, no bank can ever request you to confirm confidential
    details via email.
  • Never log on from a link, rather, type the web address every time when you log in for online banking.
  • Log regularly to your online accounts and check the last login date.
  • Check your bank statements to make sure that you recognize all
    the transactions.
  • If something looks suspicious on your account, contact your bank immediately.
  • Sign up for SMS alerts with your bank to be notified of your account activity.