6 Clever Ways Branding Can Boost Your Small Business

Guest Post by Jayden Foley

Photo by ian dooley on Unsplash

Branding is not just for big business. Small businesses thrive on great brand identity. It can build your fan base and give your followers something to remember you by as they scroll their socials. Today we will show you six clever ways that branding can boost your small business.

How To Brand

If you are new to the idea of branding, do not fear, we have you covered. Branding your business is simple. It is about having an identity for your business so that your target demographic can recognise you. The more on-point your branding, the more visible your business becomes.

To start with, select a name and logo for your business. Always consider your target audience. How will they react to the words, colours and styles you choose? Be sure that what your business offers is shown clearly in both your name and logo, so there can be no doubt of the products or services you are offering.

Branding does not have to cost a fortune, most small businesses are on a tight budget when starting out. Check out this free logo maker tool. You can use it to design and download your very own logo. Ready to use in your brand plan.

  1. Brand Your Handle

When you select a name for your business, make sure the handle is available in the same format across the socials. This will become a major part of your marketing. Use your handle on business cards, posts and leaflet distributions, add it to your packaging and content.

Get custom car stickers and promotional items featuring your handle. Include it on presentations you give and even on your uniform or shop front if you have premises. It gives your audience a direct link to your business and your name will stick in their minds.

  1. Video Clips

Videos are the trending tool for marketing in 2021. It has been shown that people are more likely to recall video content than long-winded written content. Add your logo to your videos and your social media handles to ensure everyone knows your business made the video. This is especially great when a video goes viral or another business shares your post.

  1. Sponsorships

Contact businesses to sponsor you. Send them your logo and distribute it as far and wide as possible. Having your logo appear at a local sports event or on a business vehicle can be a proactive way of letting people know that your business exists.

  1. Contests

Brand your contests. Ensure that your logo, handle and everything about your contest is branded to the max. Consumers that enter a competition and have the chance of winning something will start to relate your brand to positive emotions.

This works for the prizes too. Add your logo to the prize, or if this is not possible, to the packaging. The more your audience shares your brand for you, the less work you have to do to achieve success.

  1. Hashtags

Ensure that your brand has a hashtag. Add this to every post you make. It can be as simple as your business name. When people search your business, all your hashtags will show up. They are a great way to showcase all the hard work you have put into marketing your brand.

Hashtags also work as advertising when you get customers to post pictures of themselves visiting or purchasing from your business. Ask them to include a hashtag and all their friends and followers will have a direct link to your business.

  1. Express Yourself

Be bold in your branding and give yourself some attitude. Your audience want to relate to you. Make jokes, be out there and give your business some pizzazz. The more honest energy you put into your branding the better.

Branding is essential for small businesses, and it can lead to major success if orchestrated properly and with clear dedication to your venture.