3 Steps for Choosing the Right Business for You

Photo by Steward Masweneng on Unsplash

The world has changed, and for the first time in our history many aspiring entrepreneurs start their career in the world of business. More than ever, businesses are mushrooming everywhere.

Even most importantly, we have had to rethink unemployment and future prospects. So how can you ensure that not only do you get into the right business for you but also ensure the success of your enterprise?

Here are three powerful tips for getting into the right business or profession for you:

1. Start with what you know

It is very important that in thinking of getting into business, you choose something you have some experience in. It might be something you’re doing now or have done in the past to earn money. It might be a hobby or a special interest of yours.

Success in business, as in all things, requires that you have a working knowledge in your industry of choice. But this experience can also entail some short courses and mentorship with those in your industry of choice.

Also this will save you and your enterprise from some frustrations that many inexperienced individuals have to deal with. Running a business means business, and as it is, you must have knowledge which is foundational.

2. Identify what you don’t like to do

This is a where many have gone wrong. After identifying your starting point, it is essential to identify what you don’t like to engage in. Jack of all traits always achieve nothing.

One of the easiest and fastest ways to narrow your search for the right business or profession for you to get into is to figure out what the wrong business or profession for you to get into would be.

Remember passion is key in business, which explains why it will be an economic suicide to get into business and have to do the things you hate. It will be emotionally draining.

3. Take a close look at your strengths and weaknesses

Going into business is a dream many of us would die for. Yet, unless one takes a critical look into their weaknesses and strengths, failure is almost guaranteed.

The ideal business or profession for you to get into would be the one you like doing and the one that utilizes your abilities, skills, or talents.

Although you should consider them, your abilities, skills, or talents shouldn’t be your first consideration when choosing a business or profession for you to get into. There may be all sorts of things you’re good at that you don’t really like doing all that much.

Weaknesses don’t always have to be seen as discouraging rather they can help you know where there’s room for improvement. After careful self-introspection, you might even realize that going into partnerships is what you desperately need.


There isn’t any ability, skill, or talent that you can’t develop if you want to.

In his book “The Personal Power Course”, Wallace D. Wattles, best known for his classic masterpiece “The Science of Getting Rich”, wrote: “Perhaps the most essential part of wealth-culture consists in finding the place where you will be happy in your work.”

When you’re “happy in your work” your work ceases to be work and it becomes fun.


Teboho Polanka
Teboho is a Social Worker, Writer and Inspirational Speaker. He is in pursuit of MSc. in Managerial Psychology. Graduates are able to apply psychological principles and methods to tackle challenges in the work environment and provide effective practical solutions. Acting as industrial-organizational psychologists.