Your first ride with TransUp


If you want to try your hand at TransUp app, you don’t need to spend a dime. The app is free and all you need is an Android device.

One major benefit of using TransUp app is the speed at which you can find a cab by simply making a few taps on your mobile screen. The best part is that instead of waiting on the road to flag down a taxi, this is all done by the app. It will automatically notify the nearest free TransUp driver giving him instructions to reach your location using GPS.

I’ve used TransUp myself and I’ve found TransUp Cabs a lot cleaner and affordable. For those who have not used the service, it can be a bit daunting. So there’s tips for you.

Your first ride gets you reward points. This slashes the ride costs into half. Generally speaking, most local rides are M30 but a discount is a discount. Be sure to use your first ride wisely.

Be sure to check that you request a ride from ‘Mini’ or ‘Sedan’ category. These are always available with a high probability of being close to you. On average, TransUp Cabs take 15 minutes to reach to you. So if you request, be sure you are ready to go to avoid costs on waiting period.

Tips for first riders

  • TransUp app has a rating system whereby a passenger can rate a driver and vice versa. You can track down incompetent drivers and be sure you got the best driver.
  • Cash payments can be eliminated and passengers can leave the can without any cash payments. This is enabled by the wallet options and even more payment options. Like topping up your wallet with debit or credit cards or Mpesa/Eco-Cash.
  • Before booking your ride, cabs available will be visible on the app and a freely available cab in the nearest location will be booked for you. You can then track a cab as it is en-route to your location.
  • The TransUp app pricing system is amazingly reasonable and easy to understand. The app will give you price estimation before you take a ride.
  • Check the name, model of the car and number plates on your app before you get into your ride. TransUp Cabs don’t display any sign, so you should always check to see if what you see on the app matches the details of the car.
  • Text your driver some details to make it easy for them to find you. TransUp app comes with an instant messaging feature, and if you’re sceptical they might have trouble getting to your location or finding you, then text them and make it easy for them.
  • TransUp doesn’t require you to leave tips, but if you can, do. If the driver has been nice and helped you load and unload your luggage, then you can tip them. It doesn’t have to anything much. Above all, show some appreciation.