You Probably Didn’t Know the National Employment Service Existed in Lesotho

By Nvulane Nhlapo (@NvulaneNhlapo)

National Employment Service

Don’t get your hopes high. The National Employment Service exists in the Lesotho Labour Code Order 1992.

Amazingly, some of the codes, orders, and sections of old acts remain very relevant while some gradually fall off. Somehow, it still exists.

So while we envy recent developments in South-Africa with their new Youth Employment Services, there’s clearly always been a plan in place in Lesotho.

In case you never imagined, this is from the Lesotho Labour Code Order 1992.

Establishment of the National Employment Service

There shall be a National Employment Service. The Minister shall appoint a Director of the National Employment Service and such officers as are necessary, whose offices shall be offices in the public service.

Functions and powers

(1) The functions of the Employment Service shall include

(a) collecting information relating to vacancies for employment;

(b) facilitating the placement of unemployed persons in employment;

(c) in collaboration with the Department of Technical and Vocational Training established under the Technical and Vocational Training Act 1984, providing vocational guidance;

(d) in collaboration with other appropriate bodies, providing employment-related training; and

(e) collecting information and statistics regarding the labour market, including information on labour requirements and labour supply, to be forwarded to the Labour Commissioner.

(2) The Minister may, after consultation with the National Advisory Committee on Labour, by order:

(a) prescribe the performance of other duties by the National Employment Service.

(b) make provision for the compulsory registration by certain categories of employers of details of employment vacancies; and

(c) make provision for the National Employment Service to make charges to employers for the services it provides to them; in no case may such charges be passed on to employees or candidates for employment.

(3) Particular emphasis shall be placed on the filling of vacancies for skilled and semi-skilled work.

(4) The National Employment Service shall act as the exclusive body for the placement of unemployed persons in employment at grades seven (7) or below of the public service. Each administrative authority in the public service shall immediately notify the National Employment Service of any vacancy at grade seven (7) or below and shall indicate the job description, qualifications required and conditions and remuneration offered. Within three weeks of receiving the vacancy announcement, the National Employment Service shall provide the administrative authority in question with the particulars of candidates having the requisite qualifications. Only in cases in which the administrative authority finds these candidates to be unsuitable may that authority engage a person who has not been referred by the National Employment Service.”

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