Writer Assistant


Writer Assistant




The role of this Writer Assistant position is to help Koreaboo’s Writers and Content Creators by performing tasks that enable them to complete their articles efficiently. This position requires someone who is extremely organized, and has a deep knowledge of and passion for the Korean entertainment industry.



  • Assist Writers and Content Creators in gathering information and media for articles
  • Help to curate articles based on own knowledge of the industry as well as through communication with the Writers and Content Creators
  • Reschedule publish-ready articles on various social media platforms based on the time-sensitiveness of the content
  • Draft social media posts that are interesting, engaging, and relatable for Koreaboo’s followers and readers
  • Identify new content opportunities by collecting and analyzing data to determine under-represented popular influencers and celebrities
  • Work with Writers and Content Creators to generate article ideas for the under-represented popular influencers and celebrities
  • Assess results of published content (such as engagement rate, feedback from readers) to determine the improvements that can be made for future content
  • Perform other duties that include the above services but are not limited to these activities

Job Requirements

  • Fluent in both written and spoken English
  • A good understanding of Korean is a plus
  • Able to commit a minimum of 40+ hours per week and excel at working remotely with minimal supervision
  • Deep knowledge of K-Pop, the Korean entertainment industry, and individual K-Pop fandoms is a must
  • Experience in using various social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) is a must
  • Experience in a digital media company and/or writing celebrity entertainment content is a plus
  • Fluency in additional languages (Traditional and Simplified Chinese, Japanese) is a plus

Cover Letter Review Process

  • Please use perfect spelling and grammar when writing answers for the Cover Letter portion of this application. You should attempt to answer the questions in a writing style that feels natural to read.
  • You do not need to upload or fill in a second ‘Cover Letter’ in the optional form.

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