Wits Journalism North Africa-China Journalism 2019 Training Workshop, Tunisia


Application Deadline:September 11 2019,

The Africa-China Reporting Project at Wits Journalism and Inkyfada
based in Tunis invite all journalists from Tunisia, Morocco and Algeria
to submit proposals to attend a journalism training workshop in Tunis
during the week of 7 October 2019. The workshop will focus
on practical investigative techniques and skills, as well as explore
China’s role in Africa and specific North African countries.

The workshop will feature expert trainers assembled by the Africa-China Reporting Project and Inkyfada, and will include training sessions on North African countries’ relations with China, current trends and misunderstandings; multimedia journalism, online tools and resources; data journalism and data visualisation, visual storytelling and audience engagement; and cyber security, among other topics. The workshop will also include engagement with and supervision of specific China-North Africa investigations to be undertaken by the participating journalists after the workshop for which they will receive reporting grants.

Chinese foreign direct investment
(FDI) in North Africa has expanded rapidly in recent years. North
African countries have signed up to participate in the BRI, and this is
expected to increase their economic links with Europe and sub-Saharan
Africa. China has undertaken significant infrastructure projects in
North Africa such as the Mohammed VI Bridge in Morocco, the East-West
Highway and Africa’s longest railway tunnel in Algeria, and Egypt’s new
administrative capital.

Good relations with Arab countries
and the revival of Chinese-Muslim friendship via the BRI and nostalgia
for the ancient Silk Road are of much value to China, yet cultural
relations and public diplomacy are much less developed and elaborate
than with Africa-China relations.

How to apply

Applications must be sent to [email protected] by September 11 2019, and should contain the following (only documents in PDF format will be accepted):

  • Applicant CV
  • Brief
    proposal outlining (a) story to be investigated with clear headline;
    story relevance, significance and expected outcomes, (b) proposed
    publication/platform, and (c) itemised budget for reporting
    investigation totalling no more than US$1,500
  • List of previously published reporting

Potential investigation topics

  • Chinese projects, investments and workers in North Africa and the impact on local communities
  • China’s efforts to advance industrialisation and development in North Africa
  • Chinese training programmes and skills transfers/job creation in North Africa
  • Investigations
    on whether China’s investments in North Africa are implemented
    consistently with its commitments expressed in China Arab States
    Cooperation Forum (CASCF) documents
  • The Belt & Road Initiative (BRI) in North Africa and how the region is set to benefit and participate in future
  • Any evidence of corruption or unlawful activities by Chinese companies in North Africa and how these can be investigated
  • Cultural and people-to-people perceptions and exchanges
  • North African students trained in China and application of their skills back in North Africa
  • Wildlife poaching and trafficking in North Africa and how if at all Chinese interests are involved

For any queries please contact [email protected].

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Wits Journalism North Africa-China Journalism 2019