With South Africa’s schools reopening, here’s what Basotho students and parents need to know

Photo by Allie on Unsplash

The neighbouring Republic of South Africa COVID-19 level three has opened doors for grades 7 and 12 students to return to school on June 01, 2020 and so are Basotho students who attend school in the Republic.

This is the decision approved by South African National Corona Virus Command Council and the Cabinet (NCCC). Even though the Council understand worries, doubts and fears around COVID-19 ahead of reopening but the lives of growing students cannot be held back especially seeing that scientists anticipate that the virus will be in existence for the next two coming years.

Giving a summary of what Basotho students are expected to do so as to ensure smooth movements at the borders starting June 01, South African High Commissioner, Mr. Sello Moloto appeals to the said Basotho students to immediately report to the South African High Commission in Maseru during office hours.

Students are expected to bring the following documents for facilitation processes;

  • Travelling Documents (Passports)
  • Study Permits
  • Prove that they have registered for Grades 7 and 12 (From their schools)

In this manner, NECC strongly calls parents, guardians and students to ensure compliance with prevention measures against the pandemic so as so enrich ‘Save Lives’ campaign meant to ensure protection and safety of Basotho nationals.

Wearing of masks is in line with Public Health (COVID-19) Regulations, 2020 thus all must comply. All are also expected to ensure washing hands with soap regularly while also observing social distancing rule.

Latest reports from World Health Organisation (WHO) on the state of the virus in the neighbouring South Africa have shown the country has recorded 23 615 cases, 11 917 recoveries as well as 481 fatalities.

On top of the above recommendations, here’s some more information to keep in mind:

  • You can choose to home-school your child, but you must register this with the education department in South Africa.
  • Matric students will write the full end-of-year exams, albeit not at the usual time of year. Final dates will be announced in due course.
  • School transport must adhere to safety protocols – including sanitisation of pupils, physical distancing on school buses and the wearing of masks.
  • Sports and school trips will be prohibited.