Why are job vacancies re-advertised?

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Re-advertisement of job vacancies can be a bit confusing to candidates who have applied. This brings a number of questions of which some might be to ask if one is out of the race. If you ever experience this, don’t panic. Let’s look at a few reasons why a job vacancy is re-advertised:

The Hiring Manager didn’t find what they were looking for

This is the most common reason why most positions are re-advertised. The Hiring Manager didn’t find what they were looking for the first time. It could also be that they are not happy with the quality of the candidates they received.

Sadly, even after interviews, some positions are still re-advertised. And that’s a clear indication that the hiring manager is looking for more quality applicants. The re-advertisement is just a way of intensifying the search for the right candidate.


The company has more than one position and the policy requires all vacancies to be advertised

This might come off as just another reason. Yet, company policies might require all vacancies to be advertised before they are filled. That means, even if there’s a pool of applicants who fit the job, the vacancy can still be re-advertised to add for more positions. At the same time, this rarely happens as the process can be tedious and very costly to the organization.


The hiring process has taken a long time and they need to renew a pool of applicants

Hiring processes can take way too long and therefore hiring managers may decide to renew their pool of applicants. When this happens, the best thing is to re-apply. The initial pool of applicants might still be considered. Nonetheless, with time, a CV improves and the Hiring Manager is most likely to consider the most recent and relevant applicants.

Cases similar to this call for consistent follow-ups with the HR Offices. At some instances, this can be quite frustrating as one has no way of actually knowing the reason behind the re-advertisement. The rule of thumb, never exclude yourself. Re-apply. Of course with an updated CV and cover letter.



Senior positions within organizations are more likely to be re-advertised due to lack of suitable applicants. Still, it has become common even for entry-level positions to be re-advertised. Therefore, the probability will most likely vary depending on the job type.

Additionally, be sure to check if the wording of the job advert has changed. There might be additional requirements that will definitely have to be reflected on your CV and cover letter as well.