VMMC  Doctor x1 at Jhpiego


In October 2010, Lesotho’s Ministry of Health (MOH) developed a national draft strategic and operational plan for establishing safe Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision (VMMC) and Early Infant Male Circumcision (EIMC) services in a prevention effort to reduce HIV transmission. Jhpiego in Lesotho, in support of and in collaboration with the MOH, provides VMMC training, services and quality assurance together with technical assistance in Lesotho .
Jhpiego is looking for highly qualified candidates to fill In the following positions under TSEPO Program based at the following Jhpiego supported sites: Berea, Leribe, Mafeteng, Mohale’s Hoek, KHOTLA Male Clinic – Scott Hospital and Queen Elizabeth II Hospital.

VMMC  Doctor  (x1)


Position  Overview

VMMC  Doctor  works  closely  with  Jhpiego  Lesotho’s  VMMC/EIMC  Technical  Advisor  and  other  staff,  and  Is  responsible  for  the  provision  of  quality  VMMC  services  In  Lesotho.

The  VMMC  Doctor  will  work  with  a  team  of  nurses  and  counselors  to  ensure  high  quality  VMMC  services  are  offered  at  MOH-Jhpiego  supported  sites.  The  position  is  based  regionally at  the  VMMC  sites  The  VMMC  Doctor  has  the  following  responsibilities  but  not  limited  to:

Primary  responsibilities

  • Leading and  guiding  the  team  (s)  for  a  better  performing  VMMC  program  e.g.  better  planning,  better  execution  of  plans,  strategic  thinking,  good  communication  skills
  • Conducting male  circumcision  surgeries  under  local  anaesthesia  according  to  national,  WHO  and  PEPFAR  guidelines
  • Ability to  mobilize  and  create  demand  for  VMMC  uptake  as  a  person  and  together  with  the  teams.  Innovative  activities  and  Ideas  on  reaching  more  target  groups  for  VMMC services.
  • Conducting male  circumcisions  through  PrePex,  under  WHO  and  PEPFAR  guidelines
  • Working with  nurses  and  counsellors  to  ensure  high-quality  counselling  is  provided  to  all  clients
  • Reporting any  AEs  on  time  with  the  respect  of  reporting  guidelines  (to  the  team,  3hplego  online  reporting  system)
  • Adhere to  national  guidelines  and  SOPs
  • Ensure VMMC  tools  are  filled  properly  at  all  times  for  quality  data  management
  • Ensure that  moderate  and  severe  AES  are  Identified,  classified,  properly  managed,  documented  and  reported.  Build  capacity  within  team  (s)  on  how  to  Identify,  classify,  manage,  document  and  report  in  case  of  your  absence.
  • Ensure availability  of  emergency  up  to  date  equipment  in  theatre
  • Ensure medications,  commodities  and  supplies  Inventory  system  Is  In  use
  • Participate in  trainings,  from  preparations  to  Implementations  of  these  trainings.
  • Ensure quality  of  service  is  offered  to  all  VMMC  clients
  • Ensure quality  of  services  initiatives  fare  in  place  and  functional
  • Maintaining quality  aspects  through  CQI,  EQA,  Supportive  Supervision,  AEs  management  and  reporting,  on  job  trainings,  waste  management,  Infection  Prevention  Control  and proper  consenting  processes  &  acquisition
  • Ensures patient  information  is  accurately  recorded  at  sites;  and  treated  with  high  confidentiality
  • Working together  will  all  cadres  within  a  team  (nurses,  counsellors,  data/admin  clerks,  drivers,  mobilizers,  volunteers)
  • Making sure  the  team  (s)  use  (s)  data  properly  for  decision  making  and  work  improvement.
  • Building capacity  one  oneself  relevantly  and  resolve  any  conflicts  or  misunderstandings  or  problems  within  teams.
  • Performing other  reasonable  duties  as  assigned  by  immediate  supervisor  or  other  team  members  e.g.  supporting  other  Jhpiego  projects,  supporting  other  activities,  supporting private  practitioners  in  offering  quality  VMMC  services  etc.


Qualifications,  Experience  and  Requirements

  • Medical Doctor  with  strong  surgical  skills
  • Valid registration   with   the   Lesotho   Medical,  Dental   and Pharmacy  Council
  • Minimum of  7  years’  experience  In  a  surgical  and/or clinical setting
  • Knowledge of  male  circumcision  and  circumcision surgical techniques  according  to  PEPFAR  and  WHO  recommendations.
  • Good knowledge  of  HIV/AIDS  preventive  interventions
  • Demonstrated experience   with   training   and   mentoring  of health  workers/clinical  staff
  • Excellent problem-solving,   decision-making,   organizational and  communication  skills,  with  ability  to  prioritize multiple tasks  and  work  effectively  In  a  demanding  environment
  • Excellent Interpersonal  and  communication  skills
  • Computer Skills,  including  MS  Office  Word,  PowerPoint and Excel
  • Willingness to  travel  frequently  to  clinical  facilities throughout Lesotho  to  support  VMMC  program  services.


Jhpiego  offers  competitive  salaries  and  a  comprehensive  employee  benefits  package.

Note:  The  successful  candidate  selected  for  this  position  will  be  subject  to  a  pre-employment  background  investigation.  Correspondence  wild  be  communicated  with  shortlisted  candidates  only
Jhpiego  is  an  Equal  Opportunity  Employer

Interested  candidates  should  submit  application  letter,  CVs,  certified  copies  of  certificates  and  transcripts,  two  letters  of  references(one  from  the  current  employer)s,   identity  document,  certified  copy  of  recent  retention  certificate  from relevant  professional  body  and  certified  copy  of  licensure  issued  by  relevant  professional  body,  and  self-assessment  (information  on  how  to  conduct  self-assessment  available  from  Jhpiego  offices).  All  applications  addressed  for the  attention  of  Senior  Human  Resources  and  Operations  Manager  must  be  hand  delivered  to  Jhpiego  Office  Dolphin  House  #2,  ground  floor,  23  Motsoene  Road,  Industrial  Area  Maseru  by  12  pm  on  Friday,  290  June  2018.  Only  shortlisted candidates  will  be  contacted.  For  further  information  about  Jhpiego,  visit  our  website  at  wwwjhpiego.org.