Vice Chancellor at NUL


The   National   University   of   Lesotho   invites   applications   from   suitably   qualified candidates for the position of Vice-Chancellor. The University offers a competitive remuneration package on a five (5) year performance based contract.


Interested candidates should submit their applications electronically to [email protected] on or before 16:30hrs on Friday the 29th March, 2019. Alternatively hard copies of applications may be delivered to the Secretary of the Joint Committee of Council and Senate, C/O Office of the Registrar, NUL, Roma.

Submissions should include a motivation letter not exceeding 600 words, a detailed curriculum vitae, certified copies of academic certificates, names and contacts of three referees, with at least one from an institution of higher learning, the current or most recent employer.

Applicants must ensure that their referees submit signed reference letters directly to NUL. Both the application and reference letters should be sent directly to the Registrar as shown above.

For further clarifications, please contact the Registrar at; +266 22 340 601 or +266 22 340 264.

Below is a detailed Job Description for the position of Vice-Chancellor.

Job Description

Position: Vice Chancellor
Department: Administration
Responsible to: Council
Location: National University of Lesotho (Roma)
Responsible for: Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Registrar, Bursar, University Librarian,   Director   Human   Resources,   Director Campus Services, Director Student Affairs, Director Legal   Services,   Director   Security   and   Safety, Director Communications and Marketing.


1.1     Educational Background and Experience:

A distinguished academic record of international significance at the level of PhD with a minimum of five (5) years extensive managerial and administrative experience in Higher Education Institutions or comparable organizations.

Attainment of the rank of Professor or Associate Professor is required.


2.1     Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

a)       Experience of transforming a major organization and developing a unique vision  to which colleagues enthusiastically subscribe;

b)       Experience  in  organizational  design,  restructuring  and  transformation  of organizational processes;

c)       Strong appreciation of emerging global trends in higher education;

d)       The  ability  to  represent  the  University  effectively  in  its  dealings  with Government, International agencies and other external stakeholders;

e)       A track record of success in fund raising;

f)        Ability to take a long-term and strategic view and entertain a wide range of possibilities in developing and implementing strategic plans;

g)       Ability to assess market trends in Higher Education and devise a strategic direction to take the University forward.


The Vice-Chancellor is the academic and Chief Accounting Officer of the University, and has  an  overall  responsibility  and  accountability  for  the  effective  and  efficient management and leadership of the University in line with its policies, goals and objectives, financial leadership that enables the University to accomplish its mission and to uphold its core values.

4.       JOB SUMMARY

The incumbent will be responsible for the following tasks to; provide strategic leadership and  direction  in  the  academic,  administrative  and  financial  management  of  the University, promote and safe guard the international and national academic status and credibility of the University, advance, coordinate and implement the overall University strategies  and  policies,  ensure  development,  review  and  implementation  of  NUL
strategies, manage, administer and execute functions, provide academic leadership that aims to attain the University Vision, Mission, Goals and Objectives, chair and participate in NUL statutory bodies and implement performance management system for the administration team.


5.1     To   provide   strategic   leadership   and   direction   in   the   academic, administrative and financial management of the University.

a) To maintain and promote efficiency and good order of the University;

b) To articulate the University vision and mission both internally and externally;

c) To promote and advocate business for the niche areas of the University with the view to fully exploiting its comparative advantages;

d) To lead and drive fund-raising strategies for the University and to exploit financial opportunities and acquisitions for the University;

e) To ensure efficient and accountable utilization of public funds;

f)   To provides academic leadership and ensure delivery of quality teaching and research relevant to the needs of the nation served by the University;

g) To  ensure  maintenance  of  sound  financial  management  and  practices  that strengthen the institution’s material base;

h) To develop and implement procedures and controls that promote communication and adequate information flow within the University;

i)   To ensure implementation of performance management system.

5.2     To promote and safe guard the international and national academic status and credibility of the University.

a) To foster links and networks with national, regional and international organizations, building strategic relationships on all levels;

b) To represent and foster the values of the University;

c)  To exploit financial opportunities and acquisitions for the University.

d) To promote and maintain the good image of the University nationally, regionally and internationally;

e) To provide the vision and strategic insight essential to maintaining and enhancing the University’s standing nationally and internationally;

f)   To promote an ethos of excellence and ethical conduct throughout the institution upholds, and communicates to the nation its academic values.

5.3     To advance, coordinate and implement the overall University strategies and policies

a) To ensure formulation and implementation of the strategic plan;

b) To manage human, physical and financial resources of the University;

c)  To establish and maintain efficient and effective management structures         for the University;

d) To source funding for the University;

e) To  review  and  implement  NUL  Act,  statutes,  ordinances  and  other  statutory documents within the framework of the National Higher Education Act.

5.4     To ensure development, review and implementation of NUL Strategies

a) To implement the goals set out in the current strategic plan and adapting them as circumstances demand;

b) Develop a vision and strategy for the future that will continue to enhance the University standing nationally and internationally;

c)  To develop the University’s profile and relevance so as to establish it as the primary intellectual resource in Lesotho;

d) To spearhead Public-Private Partnership strategy for University.

e) To drive the transformation process at all levels;

f)   To ensure that risk management strategies are in place and are adhered to in order to minimize University exposure.

5.5     To manage, administer and execute Functions

a) To establish and maintain an effective and supportive relationship with colleagues on the Management Team and build cohesive productive relations;

b) To retain a central coordinated role that ensures a unified approach to all University matters;

c)  To maintain a collegial relationship with Council and Senate;

d) To  monitor  and  ensure  appropriate  delegation  and  management,  the  efficient functioning of all aspects of service delivery at NUL;

e) To ensure timeous and accurate reporting of monthly, quarterly and annual reports including year-end accounts and statutory accounts.

5.6     To provide academic leadership that aims to attain the University Vision,

Mission and Goals.

a) To Nurture and maintain academic excellence through the provision of high quality teaching and research;

b) To foster a student-centered approach in all sectors;

c)  To ensure implementation of good academic planning practices;

d) To Develop good quality assurance practices;

e) To balance the internationalization of the University and its relevance to Lesotho, SADC and Africa.

5.7     To Chair and Participate in NUL Statutory Bodies

a) To chair Senate meetings and participate in all committees of Council and Senate including all joint Committee of Council and Senate as ex- officio member;

b) To chair ASAC, NASAC and Senior Management committees;

c)  To devise and implement an effective measurement and reporting   system that will allow/him to discharge his/her fiduciary responsibilities to the nation through Council.

5.8     Implement performance management system for the Administration Team.

a) To ensure periodic review and implementation of PMS policies and guidelines;
b) To ensure development of NUL operational plan in line with  NUL strategic plan;
c) To ensure review  job descriptions so they are in line with NUL Strategic plan ;
d) To ensure each department has an annual operational plan and its implemented accordingly;

e) To ensure  assessment of  University officers and directors half yearly ;

f)   To ensure two(2) reflective meetings on NUL implementation of the annual operational plan;

g) To submit the departmental assessment forms  to the office of HR for implementing the recommendations;

h)  To develop two(2) performance based reports;

i)   To participate in review of performance policy, guidelines and tools;

j)   To ensure availability of the budget for maintenance of PMS.


Key   Performance   Areas (KPAs) Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
6.1     Provide        strategic leadership and direction in the                      academic, administrative and financial management        of        the University.     Clearly articulated vision and mission of NUL.
    Identified niche areas.
    Developed and implemented fund raising strategies.
    Developed financial reports.
    Developed and implemented procedures.     Developed/reviewed and implemented PMS policy.
6.2     Promote    and    safe guard the international and national   academic   status and     credibility     of     the University.     Developed networking strategy.
    Developed      report      on      exploited      financial opportunities and acquisitions.
6.3     Advance,  coordinate and  implement  the  overall University   strategies   and policies.     Developed annual University operational plans.
    Developed  relevant  policies  for  human,  physical and financial resources.
    Developed proposals for resource funding
    Reviewed NUL Act, statutes, ordinances and other statutory documents.
6.4     Ensure development, review and implementation of University strategies.     Developed report on implemented goals driven by demand and circumstances.
    Developed university profile.
    Signed PPP agreements.     Developed and implemented risk mitigating policy.
6.5     Manage,   administer and execute functions.     Manage, administer and execute functions.

6.6     Provide       academic leadership    that   aims    to attain the University vision, mission,        goals        and objectives.     Developed    Operational    plans,    policies    and guidelines.
6.7     Chair and participate in      University      statutory bodies.     Developed schedule for the statutory meetings.     Implemented     resolutions/decisions     from     the meetings.
6.8     Implement performance   management system           for           the administration team.     Revised/developed PMS policy and guidelines.     Developed NUL operational plan.
    Reviewed/developed job descriptions.
    Consolidated departmental operational plan.     Developed resolutions for the reflective meetings.
    Assessed officers of the university and directors.
    Implemented recommendations.
    Developed performance based reports.
    Availed budget for PMS maintenance.