Land Your Dream Job on Upwork: The Ultimate Guide

Upwork is a freelance platform that connects you with clients from all corners of the World.

A major challenge many new freelancers get after being approved to work on Upwork is landing that first job, and many others, landing more jobs that guarantee the job security they are after.

He who wears the shoes knows exactly where it pinches, my name is Promise Akpan and I wore those shoes six years ago. I can relate to the challenge of being on Upwork or any freelance platform and not getting a single job.

I applied for hundreds of jobs before my first job and after that applied for hundreds more. And I have learned a lot in the process. I am currently maintaining the TOP RATED status on Upwork for about three years now.

I have written this straight-to-the-point book to guide you as a freelancer land that dream job.

I teach you how to improve your Upwork profiles, your proposals structures, what to look out for in clients and some Upwork features you probably never thought existed or were useful to your success.

Don’t miss this chance to earn online at the comfort of your house!.