Upcoming Webinar: Workmen’s Compensation (COVID-19 Edition)

Photo by Christina @ wocintechchat.com on Unsplash

Tharollo Consultancy has pledged to offer Labour Law and Industrial Relations advice and education through various programs that include but are not limited to, Radio programs, newspaper articles and webinars.

Every Month, there’s a topic of choice to tackle and explore through a serious of above mentioned publications, under an umbrella topic being the future of work. We found this to be a good time to pave footprints for the future of work during and post this pandemic.

In July, the focus is on the topic of workmen’s compensation (Covid-19 Edition). Representatives invited are from The Ministry of Labour and Employment and an insurance company – Thari Insurance – which gladly took up the invitation to join on this critical discussion.

The webinar will be live on Facebook at 12pm on Wednesday the 26th of July.

Meet our panel

  1. Rethabile Sakoane- Tharollo Consultancy (Host)
  2. Motjope Mokhathi – Thari Insurance
  3. Makhoeli Tlali- Ministry of Labour and Employment
  4. Maseephephe Matete


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