Upcoming Webinar: The Future of Work After COVID-19 with Tharollo Consultancy


In our initial session, Tharollo Consultancy gave us an analysis of the lock down and the impact it has on businesses. The discussion locked into the regulations in place and health and safety measures that companies can put into place.

Tharollo Consultancy further provided some advice on how businesses can best implement COVID-19 policies and training. The policies covered were from social distancing, hygiene practices, provision and proper use of PPE, screening and testing, to work shifts, cleanliness and wellness programmes.

The other key part was the review of performance management systems in light with the ongoing pandemic and work from home settings. And most importantly, how businesses can best stimulate and encourage innovation.

Part 2 – Upcoming Session

This second part will focus on the legal framework. Tharollo Consultancy will touch on legislation relating to social protection, social security, occupational health and Safety and Workmen’s compensation.

However to recap from the previous session, Tharollo Consultancy will first touch on COVID-19 and examine its impact on individual employees’ mental health.

What are the factors stressing the parties to the employment contract (employers and employees)? What are the possible avenues that organizations including government can utilize to mitigate the effects of COVID-19 on the employees’ mental health?

We’ll discuss the stressors in the midst of the pandemic and the possible ones after the pandemic. We’ll also get into measures that the government can engage on with the objective to support individual employees during the COVID-19 era.

About our Guests

For our webinars, Tharollo Consultancy is led by Rethabile Sakoane. Rethabile is a Labour and Human Rights lawyer with over 20 years. She has been dedicated on nothing but Labour Law and Human Rights. Rethabile worked for Ministry of Labour and Employment, Human Rights NGOs and also lectures at the Faculty of Law teaching labour law and other law courses. She has also worked for 6 years as a National Project Coordinator for the International Labour Organisation. Rethabile founded Tharollo Labour Law and Industrial Relations Consultancy (Tharollo Consultancy) 11 years ago and she is the Executive Director.