Upcoming Webinar: Personal Branding with Nkemdilim Uwaje Begho


Building a personal brand is one of the requirements that came with the fast paced technology and the massive growth of social media networks today.

Colin Wright in his book on Personal Branding emphasizes that personal branding is not something that you can invest an hour or two in and then never have to think about again. It’s a 24/7, full-time job that takes a lot of attention, tenacity, and cajoles to do right. Fortunately, once you get into the habit, it is something that can fit seamlessly into your life without having to keep it at the forefront of your mind.

Don’t miss our next live webinar as we dive into personal branding with our guest Nkemdilim Uwaje Begho. Nkemdilim is a seasoned Information Technology with over 15 years of industry experience in Africa’s largest emerging economy.

As a change catalyst with emerging economies perspective, passionate about driving innovation thinking, Nkemdilim believes that technology will be the key driver of African economic development over the next 10 years.

Nkemdilim has spoken at over 100 expert conferences worldwide in the last 10 years. Beyond using technology as a transformation tool she is passionate about empowering the next generation of Africans, which is why she is involved in mentorship programs and actively supports hundreds of young people every year through career and business advisory and mentoring programs.

Webinar Details:

Date: 18 May 2020

Time: 4pm SAST

Facebook Live: Selibeng.com