UNDP Lesotho Provides Grants for Community Response to COVID-19

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

As part of UNDP’s contribution to the national response to COVID-19, seven (7) grants have been awarded for implementing community-based solutions to challenges associated with COVID-19. The selected organisations are expected to enhance strategic community innovations to promote resilience, safeguard lives and livelihoods, enable enjoyment of individual and collective human rights and maintain social cohesion.

The support is aligned to the UNDP’s global COVID-19 response, using the three-pronged policy offer on the COVID-19 – Readiness, Response and Recovery. Complementary to other UNDP programs of support to the Kingdom of Lesotho and the national response to COVID-19, the aim of these grants is to safeguard progress on SDGs and other national development agenda, consistent to the UNDP framework for recovery tagged as “Beyond Recovery: Towards 2030”. Through the grants, UNDP wishes to mobilise multi-stakeholder partnerships and collaboration in implementing inclusive and innovative solutions to support national efforts for better and faster recovery.

These grants are funded through the UNDP Lesotho COVID-19 Response project and delivered through the UNDP Accelerator Lab.

The call for grants was in two categories: Economic resilience and Social Cohesion, communication and advocacy. All projects will be implemented in 2020. Successful projects and recipients of these grants include:

 Name of GranteeCategory and Focus
1Lesotho        Red         Cross SocietyAwareness creation, advocacy and communication on COVID- 19 targeting youth and in high risk public spaces
2EdmondsProduction of sanitisers
3Partners in HeathInfection control and prevention in border communities
4Ether PharmacyUse of digital technology for distribution of medicines
5Mineworkers Development AgencyManufacturing of protective personal equipment (PPE) and promotion of economic resilience for women
6World                           Vision InternationalEconomic strengthening and resilience building for women and youth
7Development for Peace EducationPromotion of social cohesion and community engagement

UNDP continues to look for community-based solutions and innovations that may enhance the national response and accelerate recovery from COVID-19.