UK-SA Tech Hub Future Females Business School Tech Program 2022


Application Deadline: August 1st, 2022

The Future Females Business School, in partnership with UK-South Africa Tech Hub, is a leading programme that offers funded spots to South Africa female entrepreneurs building tech-based businesses and creating impact in their communities.

Future Females Business School GreenTech Programme

The three-month programme is for female entrepreneurs with a GreenTech idea or early-stage business, ready to upskill and utilise technology to bring their businesses to life.

Are you a South-African based female entrepreneur looking to develop the next big GreenTech business?

Are you passionate about technology and sustainability and looking to build a business that would create a positive social impact and benefit your community?

Then this programme is for you. It’s been designed to give you the clarity, vision and ability to focus and execute the right strategies, that will build your thriving tech dream business.

Throughout the duration of the programme, entrepreneurs will have access to actionable content, weekly coaching sessions with a sustainability coach and guest feature masterclasses with industry experts; to increase the capacity of their enterprises to scale and become more sustainable.

Qualifying startups include: 

Waste Management, Generation of power, Water management (harvesting, filtering/treatment, and metering),Farmer’s Market, Organic produce & retail, Green blogs, Eco-friendly fashion, Eco-friendly beauty or cleaning products , Upcycling furniture, Green app development, Used bookstore, Herbal remedy, Food plant nursery and such other industries.

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the UK-SA Tech Hub Future Females Business School Tech Program 2022