Tunnel Chargers X10


Job Responsibilities:

Supply equipment and clean working area during blasting activities

Assist the blaster in placing explosives in tunnel face

Carry explosives bags cartridges to blasting area under supervision of Magazine Master

Assist in depositing the explosive device in previously drilled holes as directed by blaster

Shovels the earth or drill cutting into holes after placement of charge and tamps to confine and increase force of detonation using shovel or pole

Connect explosive cord to blasting cap and lead wire to firing device

Under supervision of Blaster attaches fuse and fires on signal from blaster

Installation of underground support

Performance other duties as described by Blaster and Tunnel Supervisor

Must have a high school diploma or COSC certificate or relevant experience in underground works

Must be familiar with underground support installations

Knowledge of handling explosives is a requirement

Must have general knowledge about underground operations.

Applications must be hand delivered to the places below or emailed to [email protected]
• SCLC Office, Bishop’s Place, Tonakholo Road Unit B1
• Malingoaneng Principal Chief Office
• Thabang Principal Chief Office
• Mokhotlong Urban Council
• Mokhotlong District Administrator Office
• Mapholaneng Council
• LHDA Office Tlokoeng
Closing date: 11 September 2020