Tsepo Lethoko of Let Poultry Project Wins Patsi Investment Business Grant

Image Credit: Our Hustle Stories by KOTS

What began as a simple call for applications for Business Grant by Patsi Investment has now led to one business walking away with M10, 000. Tsepo Lethoko of Let Poultry Project was the winner of the Business Grant in this round. The Grant Giving Ceremony was held at Patsi Investment offices this past weekend.

Improvements such as this initiative by Patsi Investment are particularly important as graduates’ prospects for funding look ever more uncertain. These efforts led by locals with a passion to address needs in our community are crucial and with a design and implementation that’s sustainable, more agents of change will have a lasting impact.

Our Hustle Stories by KOTS shared the details below

“We come from a Poverty Striken Country, where the Rate of Unemployment is at an all time high. It is possible for a Graduate to spend close to 10 Years or more without any Job. This becomes the most Devastating time for a lot of people.

A couple of months back Patsi Investment ( Japanese Car Importer ) had an idea of giving back to the Community, to Unemployed Graduates. Graduates were asked to Submit their business proposals that needed funding to the amount of Ten Thousand Maloti Only. Proposals came through and this past week after Careful Consideration, a panel of Selected Personnel came to a Decision that the Best Proposal was from Tsepo Lethoko of Let Poultry Projects, an Unemployed Graduate from the National University Of Lesotho who Graduated in philosophy and LLB.”

This was the call:

Who else was on the list?

There seemed to be very promising entries for the business grant. Take a look for yourself below.