Treasury Head B


Treasury Head B – IRC186734 at FNB Lesotho Star Lion Building, Maseru, Lesotho in FNB Lesotho Treasury
Ends 26 Jun 2020

about us

  • Take pride in what we do and our contributions to our organisation.
  • In our owner-manager culture, we take responsibility and accountability for our actions and we don’t run away from our problems, but tackle them head-on.
  • Are empowered to innovate and come up with new ideas, as we value and nurture new ideas.
  • Embrace the concept of Botho with our understanding of the communities in which we operate. We have unity of purpose where the whole is greater than the part; therefore, no individual or department can function at the expense of another.
  • Respect the feelings, rights and abilities of our colleagues, clients and communities, even though they may be different from our own. We respect ourselves and our colleagues by not accepting or delivering average or poor performance. If the FNB values are congruent with your value set, and you have the necessary skills and competencies for the position advertised, then we are looking for you.


Responsible for undertaking and guiding the implementation and management of treasury-related activities, standards and processes including investment return optimization, bank’s capital preservation and liquidity management. The Money Market Dealer must provide an efficient, cost effective, profitable Domestic and International Trade service to our customers and banks in Lesotho.

experience and qualifications

  • Minimum: An appropriate business degree.
  • Preferred: Post graduate degree.
  • Minimum: 8 – 10 years’ experience in finance industry with exposure to Treasury and Global Markets.


  • Control expenditure planning and reporting in area of responsibility, within approved budget parameters.
  • Increase operational efficiency and suggest solutions to enhance cost effectiveness.
  • Develop and run costing model to establish alignment.
  • Control costs for functional/business area(s).
  • Plan, implement, manage and report on cost effectiveness and communicate or escalate any variances.
  • Manage high risk and problematic financial issues in area of accountability and contribute to the development of policy.
  • Contribute to the development of functional budget, develop an aligned tactical budget, and minimise expenditure and manage costs effectively.
  • Control the budget for area, including the authorisation of expenditures and implementation of financial regulations.
  • Monitor financial growth of various income streams.
  • Determine targets for income growth.
  • Monitor cost activities and collection of revenue and measure cost to income against set targets and put measures in place to address any discrepancies.
  • Implement and manage organisation capabilities that enhance business performance and profitability.
  • Achieve net profit growth for the business.
  • Track, control and influence sales activities with the specific aim to increase sales efficiencies of the team.
  • Balance interests of a variety of clients.
  • Readily readjust priorities to respond to pressing and changing client demands.
  • Drive an integrated service excellence culture, which enables rewarding relationships and customer feedback in promotion of exceptional service.
  • Provide excellent service to clients in order to obtain volumes and income for Global Markets and identify opportunities for cross-selling.
  • Contribute to sustaining a competitive edge through external networking and benchmarking and representation on related forums.
  • Develop networks and build alliances to build and strengthen internal support bases.
  • Engage in cross-functional activities.
  • Collaborate across boundaries and finds common ground with a widening range of stakeholders.
  • Maintain and build relationships for purposes of expectation management, knowledge sharing and integration.
  • Take all necessary actions to ensure compliance with relevant statutory, legislative, policy and governance requirements in area of accountability.
  • Maintain expert knowledge on relevant legislative amendments, industry best practices and FNB’s internal compliance procedures and requirements.
  • Ensure compliance is adopted in terms of systems and procedures as laid out by FNB.
  • Implement and provide input into the development of governance and compliance procedures and processes within area of specialisation and identify risks.
  • Ensure optimal usage and protection of business assets.
  • Manage risk reduce financial losses emanating from credit risk, operating risk, market risk and reduce reputation risk and solvency risks emanating from liquidity risk.
  • Manage and monitor balance sheet performance through the liquidity risk framework.
  • Manage the subsidiary’s balance sheet by ensuring effective funding of the bank’s assets and liabilities.
  • Manage liquidity including cash concentration, wires, account funding. Ensure adequate liquidity for working capital needs and invest short term excess cash. Manage inter-company cash, including inter-company lending, dividends, and capital injections.
  • Manage and optimize liquid asset portfolio.
  • To improve profit before tax. Ensure optimal liquidity and funding of the bank – to enhance solvency of the bank and availability of the funds to enable the bank to create assets and pay out its liability upon demand i.e., withdrawal of deposits and maturity of loans.
  • Improve understanding of deposit dynamics via modelling of different scenarios.
  • Take ownership of the funding pricing mandate.
  • Monitor local and international markets and maximize trading, funding and other opportunity – to ensure that the bank maximizes profits and reduces risks of adverse movements.
  • Identify training/development needs and pro-actively identify effective solutions to address own and employee development gaps.
  • Ensure that each employee prepares a personal development plan, review these plans and ensure implementation.
  • Create an environment conducive to cross-functional skills transfer.
  • Plan training interventions which support FNB and Group strategies.
  • Understand which competencies and skills are required to be mastered to ensure personal and employee development and performance.
  • Keep abreast of learning opportunities, changing products and trends.
  • Create a positive work climate and culture to energise employees, give meaning to work, minimise work disruption and maximise employee productivity.
  • Influence the development and enablement of a culture and climate where the organisational values are demonstrated and lived.
  • Influence the understanding and adoption of the organisational strategic direction.

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