TransUp: Call for Drivers


About TransUp

TransUp is an on demand transportation service business which brings a revolution in the transportation industry across Lesotho. TransUp App lets users to request a cab with a tap of a button and get picked up by a nearby trusted driver who’ll take you to your destination right away!

Call for TransUp Drivers

Drivers ride people to and from the places they need to go, such as homes, workplaces, airports, and shopping centers or Malls. They must know their way around different places in order to take passengers to their destinations in and out of Lesotho.

The categories we expect to receive are as follows:

  • 4+1
  • Sedan
  • Pickup Van (Nkukele)
  • Taxis
  • 7 Seaters
  • Breakdowns
  • Sprinters
  • 10 Seater
  • Septic Tank Trucks
  • Buses
  • 4X4
  • Box / Refrigerated Truck
  • Ambulances


Drivers are expected of the following:

  • Have own car or consent to use a car for TransUp.
  • Check their car for problems and do basic maintenance to stay in terms with TransUp’s standards.
  • Keep both the inside and outside of their car clean.
  • Pick up passengers and listen to where they want to go by requests sent through the TransUp App.
  • Help passengers load and unload their luggage.
  • Drive to passengers’ destinations.
  • Obey all traffic laws, mandatory to all TransUP Drivers.
  • Collect fares, including allowed extra charges on behalf of TransUP.
  • Drivers must stay alert and monitor the conditions of the road while active (internet on) on the TransUP App in order to receive requests.
  • Drivers have to take precautions to ensure their passengers safety, especially in heavy traffic or bad weather.
  • Good drivers are familiar with the streets in the areas they serve. They choose the most efficient routes, considering the traffic at that time of day. They know where the most frequently requested destinations are, such as airports, malls, hotels, and other points of interest. They also know where to find police stations and hospitals in case of an emergency.
  • TransUP drivers generally use the TransUP Driver’s App to be alerted when a passenger requests a destination. Therefore, you are advised to have an internet connection always on your Smartphone and actively on the TransUP App to receive business anytime of the day for as long as you schedule your working time.

Registration Process

  • Download TransUp Driver App here!
  • Register your vehicle through the App.
  • Wait for Approval Notification.
  • TransUp awards Driver M50.00 balance in wallet for demo.
  • Every TransUp Driver is expected to pay membership fee of M1000.00 per year. There’s also a monthly connection fee of M250.00 to access TransUp Services.
  • TransUp gets 10% commission on every ride.
  • Orientation and training for drivers can be arranged upon request.
  • Terms and Conditions Apply!

For Assistance and Queries

Direct your questions to 57993356 / 69278083 or email: [email protected]