Training Manager


The Training Manager is responsible for:
Administrative, Communication and Program Support:
Provide technical input and support to the training programmes with regard to:
Monitoring and evaluation of Training projects
Set-up standard monitoring and evaluation tools for the Training projects of the society.
Monitor performances of the Training projects to ensure achievements of set goals.
Identifies training needs for subordinates through appraisal, surveys and documentary analysis
Assist the Branches and Regions to develop a three-year operational plan and policy in accordance with the three-year strategic plan of the Society.
To solidify and strengthen relations with SETA, QTCO and other accreditation institutions.
Ensure that the organization is on par with accreditation requirements.
Project planning and management
Assist the Regional Training Managers on all First Aid Trainings and other training
To represent the SARCS in different organizations related to training at National level
To co-ordinate the activities of the Regional Training Managers
Establish and maintain excellent relationship with key stakeholders including provincial government and district municipalities, so that effective training, co-ordination and implementation of First Aid management is in place.
Provide highly quality, comprehensive first aid, fire Fighting, communications and safety preparedness training to communities and corporate, so that people and communities can help themselves in any emergency.
Ensure that all SARCS trained first aid trainers are assessed and retrained annually, to monitor and maintain required standards.
Promote the sales of first aid equipment to all SARCS trainees and the general public, as a service and to market the Red Cross
Ensure printing of certificates
Proactively provide basic information about Red Cross values and training activities in order to gain volunteer trainees, membership and public support.
Training in all target communities as defined in situational analysis and provincial five-year development plan
Conduct instructor training for volunteers
generate income by marketing the training conducted by the society in terms of the five years’ development Plan targets
Assist in the planning implementation of fundraising and resource mobilization Campaign
Proactively assist and co-ordinate branches and local committee to recruit and train volunteers for public events.
Share experience and collaborate with colleagues and partners, to seek continual improvement in training materials and methods.