Towards Greater Financial Inclusion: New Basotho-Owned Micro-Finance Institution Set to Launch


Pulamaliboho Financial Services (PFS) will open its doors to business from the 01st October 2020. The [virtual] official launch of the company will be held on the 26th September 2020. The entry of this entity is a welcome development in the history of the financial services sector in Lesotho.

Pulamaliboho Financial Services will contribute towards closing a gap in the financial services market. The need for home-grown, Basotho-owned entities that can also offer tailor-made products to Basotho cannot be over-emphasized.

In the same breath, Basotho are also looking for relevant, investment options from reputable and compliant entities. Pulamaliboho Financial Services ticks all the check-boxes: not only is the company a truly broad-based, Basotho-owned organization, but, it is also a licensed micro-finance institution that meets all governing laws of Lesotho.

In today’s technology-driven workplace and knowledge-driven economy, Pulamaliboho Financial Services, offers an innovative suite of products for its various target markets. These include individuals, small businesses, societies, stokvels and cooperatives. Products are tailored to address the specific needs of the various market segments.

Speaking ahead of the launch, the company’s Board Chairperson, ‘Matiisetso Libetso, commented that: “We are excited to launch this initiative which will contribute to the national economy. Our organization is for every Mosotho. It is owned by Basotho and will offer its services to people from all walks of life, as well as to various organizations representing different forms of association”, she said.

The launch of Pulamaliboho Financial Services represents a big step towards improved financial inclusion in Lesotho. The organization will not only touch the lives of the unbanked and the underbanked, but it will also offer sound investment vehicles to the discerning Mosotho investor looking for a superior return on their investment.