#Top5atFive: Here’s what’s happening in Lesotho and around the globe


Did you know that medical waste from the demolition of Queen II has been unsafely dumped all over Maseru? Read this and other stories making headlines in Lesotho and all over the world below.

1. In local news:

Medical waste discarded along with the rubble from the demolishing of Queen II hospital continue to lie bare, posing a threat to humans, and it appears those responsible for endangering human lives will get away scot-free because there are no legal mechanisms to prosecute them.

Upon theReporter’s visit to one such unauthorised dumping site at Ha Lower Thamae in Maseru this week, the publication saw needles, syringes, vials, cotton swabs and files of confidential patients’ records.

This has got villagers living in fear of theirs and their loved ones’ lives, and one of the residents told us they have to be constantly vigilant that children do not play anywhere near the rubble lest they come into contact with the potentially life-threatening objects.

The demolition of Queen Elizabeth II Hospital was carried out in April, but not without controversy around the questionable and mysterious manner in which the exercise has been handled by the ministries of health and public works. [Blame game over QEII medical waste, The Reporter]

2. In local news: 

Joalane Mohale is an innovation enthusiast who turned the old trick of wiping shoes with a banana peel into a shoe polish that is now ready for the market.  Mohale is a BSc Food Science and Nutrition student who is now producer of ‘Jojo Shoe Cream’ and already has another product – tea made from corn silk – that is doing fairly well on the market.

Mohale said the idea of making shoe polish out of banana peels came to her through interacting with a client of hers who asked her if she knew that banana peels could actually shine shoes, and the idea stuck with her. “I kept thinking about what the client had said and I was like, ok may let me do my own research. After a few months of research and watching YouTube videos on how other people use banana peels to shine their shoes, I decided it was time to implement.

“So we now have a shoe cream that anyone can use. It nourishes and shines shoes like nothing you have ever seen before. A 125ml container costs only M20,” Mohale said. [Making shoe polish from banana peels, The Reporter

3. In global news

It was supposed to be a solidarity protest for George Floyd in Accra, Ghana, but ended up with police clashes, injured protesters and the organizer behind bars. 

Ernesto Yeboah was charged with failing to contact the authorities before organizing a Black Lives Matter vigil last week, police say. He says the Economics Fighters League is considering taking legal action against the police and has hired two lawyers. Scores of demonstrators chanted “Free Ernesto!” outside the police station where he was being held.

The incident escalated when armed officers rushed to the scene and fired shots in the air, witnesses said. Gbontwi Anyetei, a demonstrator at the police station, said the crowd broke out in disarray. “I was shocked and I was scared. Everyone just took off running,” Anyetei said.

[How Ghana’s Black Lives Matter solidarity protest ended with clashes with the police, CNN]

4. In lifestyle

Artists are learning to adapt to a new style of making money, as shows and events are currently on hold. On behalf of Lesotho Music Rights Association Sechaba Mokoqo popularly known as “SirSchaba ” said they are working hard to  strengthen their online presence during the COVID19 pandemic.

“This is the most difficult time for local artists since going online is costly and the only way for them to survive is to add value and bring change on digital platforms such as the Online Music Shop,” he said.

He further indicated that he is already working on a digital platform and advised upcoming artists to follow in his footsteps. “This will not be an easy journey, hence we decided to approach the government regarding the issue.  We want the government to meet us halfway with some cash to enable us to start going online. We are now waiting to hear from them,” said SirSchaba.

[Artistes Go Digital During Coronavirus Closures, Public Eye]

5. What we’re reading

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