Top Job Sectors in Lesotho

By Nvulane Nhlapo @NvulaneNhlapo

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash
Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

The job market in Lesotho is a mixed bag. Some job sectors in Lesotho continue to register strong growth, thereby providing more and more employment opportunities. Other sectors witness a sharp slowdown.

This employment outlook provides a comprehensive overview of hiring, job growth, trends and forecasts in the job market in Lesotho, particularly relying on the data engendered throughout the hiring sentiment in 2017.

Let’s explore in detail, some of the top job sectors in Lesotho.


Accounting and Finance Jobs

The Accounting and Finance sector continues to show a substantial growth rate on a yearly basis. This sector sees a plethora of opportunities specifically tailored for the banking sector. Some of the top employers even emanate from this sector.

At the same time, the insurance sector has been a new growth story. More insurance agents are being added into the industry. Remarkably, there’s an above average progression with careers in the Accounting and Finance sector and this calls for vacant positions every now and then.


Clerical and Administrative Jobs

Donor-funded programmes have contributed heavily to clerical and administrative jobs. While most of the assignments are temporary, these jobs have been enjoyed by the masses. This has proved the NGOs to be a job-creating tool.

Surprisingly, the skills developed while engaged with NGOs are found to be inadequate for boosting employability of the candidates in the open job market when their contracts are over.

Administrative Assistants, Clerical staff, Data Entry Clerks, Executive Assistants, Office Managers, and Receptionists are but some of the main job titles in this category which are attainable within various organizations.


Government and Public Sector Jobs

Now, this is the greatest account. The number one employer. While there seems to be new opportunities opening up every now and then, the public sector jobs don’t attract much attention compared to the first two categories.

One reason being, this is a sector that has a job virtually for everyone. Another consideration could be the aftermath of the recruitment processes in the public sector.


Textile Industry

The textile sector rarely makes the news in the job market. However, we cannot ignore the fact that it has created more opportunities and employed a large percentage of our population. There’s also a wave of hope with emerging Basotho-owned textile companies.

Thankfully, the textile and garment sector has been on a consistent recruitment spree. The pending improvement is to see flexible labour laws coupled with revised reward structures.


IT & Technical Jobs

The IT sector together with the telecommunications continue to be a sizeable economic contributor and employment provider. The only flip-side: not-so-high-paying jobs as many would anticipate. But the improvement is on the cards.

The IT industry has a potential to grow exponentially because it is ultimately the biggest industry on a global scale.


Retail Sector

The retail industry remains an employment-intensive sector. It has come off as an unorganized sector and the jobs offered were not always considered ‘classy’ or respectable.

However, tables have turned and this is a sector that employs a number of college graduates while they’re awaiting white-collar jobs. The retail sector evidently grows further with new shopping centers and more food chain stores coming into town.


Other best performing job sectors in Lesotho include:

  • Mining Sector
  • Construction and Engineering
  • Health Sector
  • Education Sector