Top 5 Strategies to Get a Better COMPTIA A+ Score Using the Latest Practice Tests

Photo by Nick Morrison on Unsplash

Toiling for a high score on the Graduate Management Admission Test (COMPTIA A+) brings its consequential merits. It maximizes your potential to enter distinguished business schools with an MBA program of your liking. So, it is the purpose of this article to showcase you 5 proven strategies to secure an opportune CompTIA A+ Practice Test result. Check them out below.

Refresh various math concepts

Deliberately reviewing the basics of Math will do you a lot of good. You can’t afford to get taken aback by too-easy-to-handle questions you thought were beneath you. You have to fully immerse in algebra, word problems, arithmetic, geometry, as well as logic and analysis. Each Math concept must be attended to unless you’re okay with the idea of making errors on the real COMPTIA A+.

Learn how grammar concepts are structured on sentence correction questions

Spotting sentence correction questions on COMPTIA A+ is like the default. There are many of them, each taking on various grammar concepts such as dangling modifiers, pronounce usage, verb tenses, illogical comparisons, parts of speech, and sentence structure. The trick is to find out how such grammar rules are tested to effectively study for them.

Replicate the COMPTIA A+ way of assessing with the latest practice tests

Practice tests will indeed enable you to foresee the actual conditions of COMPTIA A+. But a word of advice, though. Don’t just jump from one sample test to another! Take one that almost exactly duplicates the content, structure, and tone of the real exam. We’re talking about the Official COMPTIA A+ sample questions made by the Graduate Management Admissions Council (GMAC). If you have extra time, try such materials prepared by other platforms too.

Monitor how long you can take on each question

As you drill with any of the practice tests above, time yourself on each item: calculate an amount of time you need to analyze and answer them. Also, measure the limit you have for every task in the particular section considering its length and a number of questions and strive closer to your goal. Also, not to mention, each item varies on its level of difficulty, so be ready not to stick on simple ones to save precious minutes for more complex parts.

Examine your errors and effectively correct them

Going back to the questions you’ve answered wrongly, again, and again with no studies won’t change a thing. You’ll only spiral down to the same hole. What you need to do is to pause and analyze your errors. The only way to go about it is by contemplating on your mistakes and carefully dissecting your method of answering. As you do this regularly, you’ll soon realize what your weak points are. From this, you’ll strategically arrive at an understanding of why you keep committing the same mistakes and finally turn things around. You can try this as you go on with your preparation and find an improvement in your learning technique.


Having a strategic plan makes your process meaningful. Follow these preparation tips, exercise each step, and use practice tests at the end of your revision to assess yourself beforehand. If you’ve already coursed your own timeline, pick up the clues you think will work for you, and incorporate them to yours. Either way, you are one step closer to your ambitioned COMPTIA A+ score!