Tips for Job Searching While You’re Employed

Photo by Prateek Katyal on Unsplash

There’s a saying that, ‘It’s easier to find a job when you have a job.’ You might have seen it or there’s a likelihood that you’ve done it at one point or another. But do you really know how to job search when you’re employed and the value it can bring? Here are helpful tips while you’re in action.

Respect Your Employer

Respect is key at this stage because you will be using your employer’s time and some of their resources in your job search. Never have competing priorities while with your employer. The job search has to continue either way, so do it with respect.

Don’t Use Your Employer’s Email

You don’t want to use your business email for sending job applications. This is because your job applications are personal and you also wouldn’t want them to be accessed by any other person. Apart from that, you want to track all your job applications even when you leave the company. To avoid any possible conflicts, just stick to your personal email account.

Find Fitting References

You will need reference letters here and there in your job search. It’s wise to identify individuals who will keep your job search confidential. Approaching your boss for a reference letter wouldn’t hurt if you’re on the same page about you finding a new job.

Otherwise, consult your supervisor or even a co-worker whenever you need a reference letter. If all else fails, consult individuals outside your current workplace. These can be your university lecturer, your previous employer or someone who can attest to your professional skills.

Be Focused When You Can Search

Job applications can get tedious. They can take up a lot of time as well. Even better, with a bit of an encouragement, you can easily complete and submit them. Focus is key in this case. If you set your time to work on your job search and apply, avoid distractions. Be focused and don’t just job search for the sake of doing it. Stay focused.