Thusanang Educational Network: A Solution for Basotho Secondary and High School Students During the COVID-19 Pandemic


On the 28th March 2020, Thomello Mats’asa, a 20 year old from Hamabote, Berea – together with his team – launched Thusanang Educational Network. It is the first platform of its kind in the country that could potentially help thousands of Basotho secondary and high school students.

Thusanang Educational Network is an online social network that was created with the aim of helping Basotho secondary and high school students to independently learn during the COVID-19 lockdown and beyond. It has extensive tools and resources that can help young Basotho students help each other with school work.

Thusanang has features of a typical social network- that is: Create, Read, Update, and Delete (CRUD) content in a form of posts, Comment, Like, Save content, Follow other users, Edit user profiles and many more. In essence, the platform carries within it all hallmarks of a social network but with an intent of education. It offers a variety of features, tools and options that enable learners to tailor their messages/posts.

The platform is not in any way trying to join the race with other social giants like Facebook, Instagram e.t.c but is just an easy and modern way in which students from all walks of life in the country can interact with each other with school related matters.

What will you find on Thusanang?


On the platform, there are a range of books on every subject done in secondary and  high schools. The selection of those books is aligned with the syllabus which is used in Lesotho.

Video Tutorials

Thusanang Educational Network has partnered with institutions like STEM IT (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics Program) and they provide the platform with Video Tutorials where students can watch science teachers and ask questions on the platform and many more.

Questions Papers

There are previous Examination Council of Lesotho examination papers for students to refer on how examination questions are asked as well as use for practice on the platform.


The platform also has qualified teachers to help in answering questions which students may have while studying.


The platform has pre-configured communities or groups, in which students can participate in. You can share your thoughts on school related matters, ask questions , provide answers to other students’ questions and much more!

To access the site either on your phone or PC, visit